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        g0tr00t wrote:

        Keyboard: Navigation arrows and Word predict

        I second the navigation arrows for the keyboard. When inputting text, it's an absolute chore to correct or add anything to what you've already typed. Trying to touch the area of text you want to correct or add to is often an exercise in frustration and/or futility.



        racsw wrote:

        So I guess what I would want is two fold.  One, A larger capacity battery to give at least a 24hr reading time

        What you're asking would require a battery the size of a brick. :smileytongue: In other words, you're not going to see anywhere close to that kind of battery life on something with a backlit LCD anytime soon (it's the backlight that's the biggest drain on the battery). The LED backlight on the Nook Color is as good as you're going to get as far as power consumption, short of a transflective LCD.


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          The option to view a specific author is already there - you can either type in a search, or set your bookshelf but by "genre"-author.

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            Ya_Ya wrote:



            They may or may not decide to add .pdb support in the future, but it's not a "bug."  It's fully disclosed on the specs page of the item description.  .pdb is *not* listed as a supported file type.




            Two different B&N agents have verified that .pdb is not supported.


            Sadly I assumed that this was an accidental omission and that they would support the books they sell...... I know, never assume, but it seemed really safe to assume. Kind of like GM parts working on GM cars kind of thing. Since these ebooks were purchased at B&N I assumed that it would work on a B&N device.


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              After using the the NC for a week, here's my 1.x update wish-list:


              Improve the PDF viewer. At the very least enable internal PDF navigation (bookmark / index), better still internal nav and hyperlink support. Would also be nice to have a note taking tool, especially if those notes were bound to the PDF file. One of my magazine subscriptions is to Scientific American Digital (PDF downloads) - very rich content, crippled on the NC. Also, they sometimes break giving a Quick PDF error message. Workaround: The breakage occurs sometimes on full page ads in the issue. Scroll past those quick enough and the file will stay open. Or play the guessing game and jump with the goto page feature.


              Give us export means to the annotations we make, ebook / PDF / Office documents.


              Bookshelves randomly break on SD card hosted ebooks. The shelf container stays, those ebooks are sometimes dropped. Workaround: Place ebooks in the NC's internal storage.


              Give us some degree of file management at the very least on SD storage. Better still: Let us backup NC internal store to SD.


              Let us push our side loaded (USB transferred or SD card hosted) ebooks onto the home page.


              File transfer by WiFi with the user's local resources, i.e. laptop / netbook, desktop machine or NAS (network file serve appliance).


              An ebook is an ebook, not a "file". They - wherever they are stored -  should be shown as ebooks in the Keep Reading Menu. While we're at it, how about upping the count there from 3 to 5.


              Skype support in the ebook. No, I'm not crazy - I know the NC doesn't sport a cam or mic. Skype does IM. It would be nice to "dial up" a friend direct rather than passing through FB or Twitter. Some of us don't do FB or tweet.


              Music player needs an equalizer and playlist management.


              Speaking of music - and internet radio ... Pandora is nice. So are other radio sites. Support for web served .pls / .m3u lists would be good.




              Would not be part of NC software / OS update but would be nice to have:


              A right angle USB connector adapter. Make it so the NC side clips to or is supported by the NC frame. Would make reading while charging less of a hassle / scary (break that itty-bitty internal connector = immediate need for a new NC. Plus the non B&N content of the NC can't be retrieved).


              A longer USB cable, 1.5 or 2 meter.


              A easel-style support and charging station.


              Hurry up with the NC SDK! I've several ideas (some on the list above) that are Android-doable, but need specifics on the NC flavor of it.


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                What you're asking would require a battery the size of a brick. :smileytongue:



                Technically you are correct, at least using todays current battery technology.   However, if there was enough user feedback indicating this as a problem, B&N could simply increase the overall size a little and  provide the reader with more screen area and use the increased size to house a larger lithium battery.    And employing suggestions such as automatically turning off WiFi if reading could help extend battery life.    Just a thought ...

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                  Dave_K ...


                  The NC does - sorta. Point the NC's browser to http://forecast.weather.gov

                  (US only, National Weather Service).


                  Bravo, Dave !! Very useful info ... I didn't know this existed ... thanks ...


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                    Having had about a week of near joy with my NOOKcolor, I think a couple of enhancements for 1.1 would be nice.


                    1) an eBook is an eBook. It shouldn't matter if the ePub is sideloaded or downloaded from eStore. Metadata should display as any other eBook - cover graphic, load to home page, etc. My Files locations should function as logical file system extension to base file system locations


                    2) ability to export eBook notes, format not critical as long as at least available through USB link.


                    3) better mp3 player - support of playlists, resume from last played for albums (needed for audio book playback),


                    For 1.2 better video support


                    And sometime in the near future an AppStore - Please...


                    So, thanks for getting it near spot on out of the shoot. Great physical format, eBooks work as advertised, and most of the toys are pretty useable.


                    Keep up the updates, and don't forget that it's really an eReader on steroids.

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                      Bring back the ability to change fonts in sideloaded ebooks (PDF esp)  like the original nook can.  Keep the ability to zoom as that is needed for diagrams, but when you zoom the page does not adjust line endings.

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                        At the risk of repeating something that has already been said... (way too many messages to wade through right now)... here is my list.


                        1. I can read my e-mail on three different services (MSN, Gmail and Outlook)... but I can't reply to even one of them.  The "keyboard" will not come back up after typing the "Subject".


                        2. The "Q" does not work on the crossword puzzle "extra".  The "Q" does work everywhere else.


                        3. The NC needs a "note pad" app of some sort!


                        4. The NC needs a simple calendar app as well.


                        5. It would sure be nice if the audio player would read WMA files... for many of the audio books out there.


                        I'm learning that some of the little NC "tics" are more "technical difficulties between my headphones" than problems with the NC.


                        I've had it since 11/22/2010 and have already read two books "borrowed" from the local public library.  Nice!


                        Do the nice folks at B&N read these?  Hope so!


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                          Fix the PDF experience. My only complaint thus far is that the NC doesn't return to the last page read when returning to opened PDF books/docs.  I have a lot of PDF docs/books. They are my secondary source of reading material on my NC.  If I go to another task (settings, home screen, browser etc) then return to my pdf book it always returns to the cover page.  I've developed the habit of checking my current page before I switch tasks so that I can use the 'go to page' feature when I return to the book. This is not a good user experience. I trust that future software upgrades will address this and a lot of the other issues raised, I just hope this this fix will be in the first iteration.


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                            Catagories for the book searches. There should be a way to browes sections of books the same as if your in the store. I should be able to look up all the self help books in the catalogue whether 'self help' is in the title or not.


                            Also, New Yorker magazine doesn't work for NC but is availible for download anyway. not good.


                            Don't get me wrong. Love my NookColor, just want to enhance the experience.

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                              I have not been able to play any videos. mp4 or other

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                                ADOBE FLASH...I didn't think I would miss it, but I do.


                                Love the Nookcolor.

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                                  I would like to be able to check my email, facebook, and post on forums.


                                  I know this might be crazy, but I am a subscriber to People magazine, and they have a free complimentary subscription to the ipad app for the magazine...I don't know if the Nook Color will allow me to read this type of file but it would be great!


                                  I also agree that being able to watch video would be fabulous.  I am not wanting it to replace my phone, but I am hoping that when I get a chance to play with it I could quit carrying my laptop and carry this all the time!


                                  Maybe Documents to go and the ability to sync with Outlook calendar and contacts!!!!!


                                  I don't use the google calendar and contacts, but I have been told that I can sync outlook to google and then maybe sync the nook to google?  Too many steps for me for efficiency but I would still do it to make it work for me.


                                  Can I email from the Nook Color?


                                  Sorry if these seem like dumb questions but the store was crowded and I couldn't play with it to see what it would actually do and the description on the web wasn't clear enough for me.


                                  Thanks for the help!

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                                    New user, just played with it a few days now.


                                    My wish list so far is:

                                    pinch-zoom in web browser

                                    app store


                                    This is not only my first eReader, but also my first device with a multi-touch display. I'm finding that when I type on the Nook Color I accidentally get doubled keystrokes very often. Entering my email address and password is such a chore because I'm always doubling letters, and sometimes doubling the backspace. If I were typing on my Nook now, it wwouldd lloook somethinng likee tthiss. Either I need better technique, lick my fingertips or something, or the keyboard algorithm could use a little intelligent de-bouncing.

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