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        Just adding another vote for pinch to zoom and some way to create/edit text files for notes. Both of these would be wonderfully useful for me.

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          It's a great product but very difficult to use the zoom in feature, (where you pinch 2 fingers together to enlarge a caption), for those of us with arthritis.  If your fingers slip a bit,

          you lose the page or pop up a menu, or go back to another page.  There needs to

          be some kind of point and click feature to enlarge part of a page in magazines to

          make the type visible without using fingers.  My grown children have no problem,

          but my friends and myself have trouble making it work.

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            I bought the Nook Color mostly for use with gaming PDFs, and I immediately noticed that the hacked-up QuickOffice PDF viewer provided with the Nook Color was woeful inadequate.  For one, it's lacking in basic PDF features (search, bookmarks, etc.).


            Even worse, it's cripplingly slow with PDF files of any notable size.  Changing pages takes way too long, and the pinch-to-zoom feature is nearly worthless due to long load times for individual pages.  Some preliminary investigation on my part suggests this is a limitation of the QuickOffice PDF viewer, not the Nook's hardware.


            So, my suggestion is to either improve the performance of the QuickOffice reader or replace it with a better one.

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              +1 Yes, the QuickOffice PDF reader is subpar. An update is needed quickly for descent PDF support.

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                I would like the ability to print - for example:  a recipe from an ecookbook.


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                  1. Access to the Android Market App store

                  2. Being able to access my NOOKstudy books (this is most important, especially being that I'm a college student. I would love to read my text books on the go!!!)

                  3. Fix other minor bugs


                  - Although the NOOKcolor is an eReader it is very important to be competitive in this high pace market. Its also important for these updates to come before Christmas. Its hard to recommend a product with so many issues.

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                    I am agreeing again with the inadequacy of the Quickreader.  It adds the ability to zoom in on a pdf to see a graphic, but you loose everything else, like the ability to even be .able to change fonts on a PDF.   I appreciate the effort to allow support for the graphics as that is absolutely necessary for technical books, but the performance of the Quickreader is rough.  I have  Access 2010 step by step loaded as a PDF on my MicorSD since I bought the book before I had a nook.   Look at book page 19.   It is unreadable because it exaggerated the shading turning it into a black page.  The nook classic ignored the shading. . . .of course the table images were jacked up, however. on the e-ink side.    Here is an idea:    :


                    ADOBE READER X FOR ANDROID.




                    • 550MHz processor     **** OK
                    • Android™ 2.1 or 2.2  **** OK, I think
                    • 256MB of RAM          **** OK, I think 
                    • 4.4MB of available hard-disk space   **** 2GB of storage, so should be OK.
                    • Motorola Droid, Motorola Milestone, or Google Nexus One **** This might be problemtic****



                    Acrobat usually has features that would help disabled people as well (those that are visually impared, etc.).   This would open up the nook to a totally new category of users. . . .Those that physically cannot read books!


                    Also, please update the driver to allow it to charge from any usb.instead of the charger.  It is a matter of the device detecting voltage, so this should be able to be fixed via software update.   If B&N wants to become a hardware company, watch what happens when nook color users start losing their USB cables. . . .I have yet to see spares for sale anywhere, so if you loose the one the comes with it, "you should take very small breaths".  Don't get me wrong.  Having the nook symbol glow from Orange to Green is cool, but I don't want to mess up and lend someone the USB for the Nook and never be able to use it again.



                    .......... Hey, you asked me what I wanted. ......


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                      "Night" option to have a blacker black for better contrast with white text.

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                        An "off" or "stop" option on the music, instead of just pause.


                        Better response when trying to type in my security code after nook color is woken up.  Sometimes it takes tons of tapping before my code is acknowledged and sometimes the first try works.

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                          :smileywink:First of all, I just got my new NC. I am ecstatic! It is the best Ereader I have used yet! OMG! Thanks B & N!:robotvery-happy: I know that some of these may have already been added to this list but I want my 2 cents to be added...

                          My (Long) list of wants (and fixes) are:


                          • A REAL MUST: Pinch to zoom on the Browser & EPUB files- really ALL files on this device- we ARE on Android 2.1 after all.... Also, I want the ability to have the NC remember the zoom I have from the previous page so I don't have to waste time constantly re zooming pages!!!
                          • A MUST: Better organization of ALL files on the NC! When I first got my NC a few days ago, I put my books on the NC in different files, filed first by Author then by Book- NOT a complex filing system, BUT it wouldn't load my books that way. I had to put ALL of my 71 books into the 1 Book folder of the NC! And in addition to that mess, now with the picture viewer, B&N need to let us folder our pics and VIEW them as such in the PICTURE VIEWER, not just the file manager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
                          • A MUST: A FULLY customizable eBook experience. I.E.: ANY color of text, background colors & fonts. Also let us have a more refined Page Turning experience.
                          • Remember the LAST page read on eBooks and Web, etc.
                          • A MUST: The ability for the NC to read (AT LEAST) ALL of the formats of the Original Nook, & comics, etc.
                          • A MUST: The ability to add ALL Ebooks including side-loaded books onto the home screen, regardless of where I got the books or which format they are in.
                          • An Android Market app, a Calendar app, a reading timer?, a notepad that lets you read, edit and review all notes taken on individual eBooks.
                          • The ability to SEE ALL the Ebook covers (if It was included in book download etc.) regardless of where I got the book or what format it is in.
                          • An easier way to find and download FREE Ebooks from B&N. Maybe a dedicated place to get them, like Aldiko has.(Right now I look from my computer and get them from B&N.com, etc. And save them to my library.)
                          • Add Google books to the e reading experience- Google books will be out soon with over 4 million eBooks available- and millions of them FREE!
                          • The ability to remember my last page read IN ALL FORMATS of eBooks, and remember my last web page visited- If I accidentally touch the wrong place on the screen and takes me to, say, the home screen it ALWAYS makes me start from the home page in the browser- VERY FRUSTRATING!!! I want it to keep my current page until I choose to exit that page!
                          • A MUST: The ability to read ALL formats of Content in both the reg. View AND the landscape view!
                          • I personally do not want a full time back button on everything on the NC, but maybe add a back button to the clock area or the menu that is accessed when touching the clock area of the screen. Possibly add a back button, forward, battery info, weather to the current options on the menu that already contains: Wi-Fi on/off, Mute, Orientation & Brightness.
                          • Remember typed info in browser and other log in info for the NC.
                          • Last FM or other "Extra" multimedia options for those of us who like to listen to music AND read at the same time.
                          • The ability to touch the screen to check what page and chapter you are on. VERY useful!
                          • A MUST (PLEASE :smileywink:): Bluetooth connectivity!
                          • A more advanced Music player that allows for a FULL stop when you are done listening to music and also a way to separate Audio books for easy listening.


                          Now, ALL that said, I truly love my NC, but if they were to fix some of the glitches then I will be even happier. On a side note, My touch screen seems fine (knock on wood) as yet, I don't have  an overly sensitive or UN-sensitive touch screen (yet- that I have noticed...)

                            Thanks y'all for listening. I am a first time poster to this site, Good Luck To Us All!


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                            What would I like to see added to the NOOKcolor ? First of all, I understand this is a ebook reader and not advertised as a fully functional tablet, but since we already have the hardware, why not add extra functionality ?

                            Android 2.2/FLASH support

                            Display side loaded books & files to home page, better integration of B&N and sideloaded books

                            A dictionary interface. I want to be able to type in a word and get the definition instead of just waiting until I stumble upon the word in a book.

                            Basic notepad/Wordpad for notes, to-do lists, etc.... with save to file. (I have lots of random thought while reading)

                            Read ePub in landscape

                            PDF and doc bookmarks/search

                            Support/integration for Nookstudy books

                            File Manager with rename, delete, and better support for organizing my files with sub-folders

                            A simple address book and calendar (with sync to Outlook, Google, etc.). Possibly pop-up calendar reminders.

                            Ability to edit metadata locally

                            Ability to open locally saved HTML files in the browser, and copy/paste/save pictures, text from the web.

                            email client (pop/iMap)... non-web based

                            The ability to password protect individual books/files/documents for added security, especially when sharing one B&N account between multiple family members.

                            A "pinch to zoom" web browser !

                            eWallet for Android app.

                            Better, selective Gallery. I want to choose what is displayed instead of opening all graphics files by default, possibly using folders.

                            MP3 playlists

                            Support for CBR/CBZ, CHM, PDB

                            Adjustable keyboard sensitivity. Some way to calibrate sensitivity.

                            pop-up battery/Wi-Fi status warnings

                            Charge from USB

                            And, of course, an app store !

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                              My two cents:


                              -A button to press on the margins of a Magazine to lock it into a specific orientation.  I like to read the mags in landscape but every time I shift the device it goes back to the normal view, I lose my place, and have to get it all back to where I want it.


                              -Of course the NOOKcoor app market :smileyhappy:


                              -Ability to organize photos into folders in the photo gallery.  If I've missed this would someone PM me and tell me how to do it?

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                                My wife has had a couple issues so far afte rusing the Nookcolor for a week.


                                1) She is more than frustarted by the page turning - many times the book goes all the way to the start or end of the book and there is no way to know where you were.  I think 2 mechanical buttons on the right and left for manual 1 page turning might be great.


                                2) Getting the charging plug in is very difficult - maybe ours plug is damaged.  The shipping carton and display carton were extremely damaged in the shipment from B&N - their shipper is terrible.


                                3) I'd like to be able to write (SDK) and buy apps... I am into home automation and a $250 dollar controller is unheard of - everyone is now using iPads (which special apps) as they are cheaper than $1000+ true A/V whole house tablet controls.




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                                  low516 wrote:

                                  An "off" or "stop" option on the music, instead of just pause.



                                  Umm, yeah. I couldn't agree more. I must have stared at the screen for two minutes trying to figure out how the heck to stop the song, while I (possibly unnecessarily) worried about battery drainage if I left it on "pause" indefinitely. Give us a "stop" button, please!


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                                    TedT_CA wrote:


                                    3) I'd like to be able to write (SDK) and buy apps... I am into home automation and a $250 dollar controller is unheard of - everyone is now using iPads (which special apps) as they are cheaper than $1000+ true A/V whole house tablet controls.



                                    There is (or, is going to be since it hasn't been released yet) an SDK.


                                    You can sign up for it on this page - scroll about 2/3 of the way down.



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