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        I would like to put in a vote for marking the last page read in pdf documents.  I have several ebooks that only come in pdf's.  The Original Nook does this I would expect the same from the Nook Color.  It would be nice to even allow book marking.

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          This has perhaps been danced around here in all the pinch to zoom requests, but I don't care how it is done-tapping, yelling, dancing, or pinching.  I would really like the ability to zoom in on graphics on a page in an ebook.  No matter how large the fonts become the graphics are limited to one size only and often are unacceptable.



          On the keyboard-cursor control through arrows on the keyboard.  What I mean is the ability to move the cursor to a specific location instead of trying to touch that location with your finger. I have small fingers and even I can't touch the right area to correct a word easily.  Even when I zoom in-I usually have to zoom in several times for this.  I usually end up just hitting backspace to delete everthing up to the point that needs correcting.

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            The Nook Color is my third ebook reader and by far the best!


            My list (reiterates others)in the order most important to me.

            #1 be able to put side-loaded books on the home screen.

            #2 allow only sideloaded pictures in the Gallery - I see no need to for book covers and B&N original wallpaper there - or have book covers and original wall paper in a separate section within the gallery

            #3 be able to delete books entirely off of NC

            #4 ability to play avi videos


            #5 agree with RucknRun to mark last page read in pdf documents

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              I really miss The Daily from the B&W Nook - am I just not finding it? Anyway, that's what I'd like to see added. Other than that, i don't know about you guys, but my NookColor walks on water;D.

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                1. The ability to delete books from the device.

                2. Apps and games

                3. flash player

                4. Compatible with iTunes

                5. Able to charge from computer

                6. Touchscreen is way too sensitive.

                7. Louder speaker

                8. More competitive with Amazon (they have more freebies)

                9. Study the Ipod itouch. Such a small device and it does so much. (apps, games, videos, tv shows, movies, notes, easier to navigate because the touchscreen isn't as sensitive)

                Everytime I try to scroll through books (and shelves) I wind up opening books just from lightly touching the screen to scroll. Aggravating!!

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                  I had that too and apparently it's a problem with the Nookcolor itself. Mine only happened when I plugged it into the wall outlet. You need to exchange your NookColor.


                  Hope this helps.

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                    "For making notes and highlights in books:  (1)  The selection feature is picky.  You can extend the end point of your highlight, but not the start point.  Even being very, very careful I can't drop the start point precisely in the right spot most of the time, so please let me extend in both directions"


                    I'm going to correct myself in the above.  You CAN extend the highlight in either direction--but in ONE direction only.  So you can either move the start point OR the end point, but you're stuck with it anchored where it dropped to begin with.


                    I also would like a way to move the cursor without deleting.  Right now it's "faster" to backspace erasing everything and starting over than it is to try to drop that cursor in the right spot with my finger!

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                      As for NC being a "serious" ereader device:  My style of serious reading is personal study, making notes both within and out of books, and linking them to each other (which in my hardcopy books I do by the very high-tech and not-searchable method of scribbling "see note at x-location" in the margin... this is why I have to buy my books instead of checking them out from the library, LOL).  No other device that I know of before the Nook color did this, and currently the NC only does it in combination with the Nook Study computer app.  That's why I waited so long to buy an ereader to begin with, and why I hope they'll integrate it fully with Nook Study (as well as continue to improve both).


                      I also wanted a backlight, both for night reading and dim-light situations like auditoriums, but had any of the e-ink readers had study capabilities before the NC came out, I would have jumped on one and bought a book light.

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                        I agree with other posts I've seen.  Definitely need:

                        1) ability to see sideloaded books on home page and My shelf(ves)

                           a) by doing so, i would be able to go to "continue reading", etc to sideloaded books

                        2) ability to delete books/files from Nookcolor without hooking up to a computer

                        3) ability to charge through USB cord

                        4) ability to watch flash videos

                        5) improve browser

                        6) more freebies!


                        As I use my ne e-reader more, I'm sure I'll see more quirks I'd like worked on!

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                          Can I download movies through Nexflex onto my NC?

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                            This may have already been mentioned, but I'd like to see the video player recall the last position for every video played.  Right now, it only seems to recall the position in the last video, and that's if you exit it via the "n" button and not the back button.  This should be pretty easy to add, given what I know of the Android SDK and how it handles media files.

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                              1. Better browser (Pinch to zoom, tabbed browsing, flash, better scrolling)


                              2. The overall transitions seem slow, like they skip frames.  Same thing in the browser, it seems like the scrolling is jumpy.


                              3. The volume needs to be better adjusted. I can hardly hear it at half volume. Also, general interface sounds don't seem to work well. I constantly need to restart because pandora stops working.


                              4. Lower brightness levels, esp. when in the dark.


                              5. Better keyboard reponsiveness

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                                I love to read in the middle of the night...so I want the brightness to go lower.  Allow the user to set it all the way down to 2 or 3% if they so choose.  I never understand why companies want to lock down features like brightness where it's such a personal choice.

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                                  I can't wait for the Android 2.2 update to come and the B&N app store. I want a full web experience for Flash sites. And I am keen to create Adobe AIR apps for Android 2.2 that hopefully would run on NookColor.

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                                    I have a mild problem like this, books opening when i am scrolling through but not hugely. I have other issues with touch at times. I have adapted to most of it but hoping an updated operating system will correct all this......

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