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        PDF support that allows for:

        • the flowing of the text on the page
        • the ability to change font size rather than just zoom in/out
        • the ability to bookmark a PDF page

        This is my first day with my NookColor and I'm having serious buyer's remorse. I was so excited about this upgraded eReader but right now I'm feeling as if I want to cry after spending $249 and not being able to read a PDF the way I was able to in my old eReader.


        I'll need to research other eReader options before deciding whether or not to return the NookColor or keep it.Other eReaders can provide this level of functionality - BN needs to get on board and do the same!


        PLEASE address this issue ASAP!

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          Is there any way to delete the User Guide and Quick Start?  If not, I'd like that to be added to 1.1 update.

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            Mark_F wrote:

            Is there any way to delete the User Guide and Quick Start?  If not, I'd like that to be added to 1.1 update.

            And what would happen if you needed to refer to said guides?


            Just ignore them, not like they jump and out say READ ME.

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              Mine do, you mean yours don't?  


              I find them irratating.  I have no need for them.  They could also be dowloadable on demand like I don't know... every other book in my library.

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                Landsape mode for epubs!!!

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                  I like my nookColor but there are a few things I hope they change/add/polish up:


                  1. Ability to organize/move/delete books and files on your nook without having to pull out the micro-usb cord and set yourself in front of the computer. This includes letting you choose which folder you want downloaded files to default to-- it always takes the excitment out of finding a great new image for a wallpaper when I have to either download to comp first or (when I forget) pull out that cord anyway to move the file to the proper folder. Also, as others have requested, being able to place books in a specific order on shelves.


                  2. A keyboard that doesn't disappear-- I'm pretty sure this issue will be addressed anyway but I thought I'd throw it out there just in case. I find it silly that I can't post on this very forum because my keyboard always flakes out after that first key is touched. Sadly, I've had to resort to plopping myself in front of the computer desk when I could be lazing on the couch or the bed :smileytongue:


                  3. At least a basic way to imput and save text. Hopefully something a bit more polished than notepad but I'll take what I can get. I just think it would be awesome to be able to keep at least a minimal journal on my nook.


                  4. Organization of bookmarks-- as of right now, there IS no order and I'm always squinting at the little thumbnails when they shift themselves around. While we're on the topic of the browser, someone please kill that box that continuously pops up as I'm scrolling through web pages. For the first dozen times of every session it goes away with a simple tap elsewhere on the page, but eventually it seems to grow an attitude and I have to select an option to get rid of it, then take myself back to what I was viewing.


                  5. Tabbed browsing- I can do it on a not-so-smart phone. Why can't I do it on my nook? :smileysad: Actually this issue bothers me very little compared to the others I've listed but I think it would probably make browsing a bit easier on my fingers-- my accuracy with the touchscreen seems to come and go.



                  Wow this post was longer than I expected it to be-- which is weird cause I actually love my nookcolor! But I think we all agree it would be even more wonderful with some improvements. Hope this being my first post doesn't come across as whining. I love using my nook-- I think that's why the few issues that bother me stand out so much, they disrupt what is otherwise a lovely experience. :smileyhappy:

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                    Definitely would like pinch to zoom everywhere .... in browser & when reading the books.


                    AND would like to be able to lock individual books without locking my nook... want my kids to use my nook also, but don't necessarily want them reading thru all the books I have... not all content is age appropriate.

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                      Love the NOOKcolor but would love to see:


                      1.  Wish list on B&N syncable with the Wishlist on the Shop on the NOOKcolor


                      2. Clearing of Shop History


                      3. A way to get rid of recommended titles I am not interested in

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                        Amen to that.  The ability to store and view pictures--including a slideshow feature--is a basic part of the device.


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                          I would love the ability to password protect individual books.

                          I let my teenager read a few of my books but I have a couple books I absolutely do not want her reading. Right now, she can only use my nook supervised. I also have books for my 8 and 10 year old too]. Since I rather encourage my kids to read than anything else, it would be awesome if I could lock the books that are inappropriate for their age and give them more access to it, and have peace of mind as well.


                          Thanks for your time and Happy Holidays!

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                            I have to say, I am really impressed with the NookColor.   Great little device.   I am so happy I go it for Christmas.   Kudos to BN and the engineers on a great product!    I am very pleased with how easy it is to read on the NC, and as a web browser, it's better than I anticipated. 


                            Some suggestion to make it even better would include:


                            - ability to password protect books.   I second that (great) idea by Teresa.  

                            - ability to delete books w/o having to go to BN.com website

                            - yahoo email app.  You've got G-mail, why not Yahoo mail?   Or at least, let me download the yahoo android 2.0 app that is offered on Yahoo website.

                            - improved PDF usability (bookmark page, highlight, note taking,...) 

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                              I received my NOOKcolor for Christmas, and I love it, but there were a few things that stuck out to me as I was reading over this thread:

                              Cthlhu wrote: "Ability to add 'Extras' to my home page."

                              GTech wrote: "Support for NOOKstudy / eTextbooks"
                              (I am unsure if this was already addressed elsewhere, but I was wondering: is it pretty much a given that NOOKstudy will be coming to the NOOKcolor, and it's just a matter of when, or is it up in the air whether it will ever be added at all?)

                              wrote: "Also having trouble with touchscreen on the outer edge (mostly on the right)  - hard to press the 'p' on the keyboard or select the right most boxes on the crossword."
                              (That's my biggest annoyance as of right now. But considering it's such a minor thing, it doesn't lower my opinion of the device as a whole. It would just be an extra bonus if that issue was no longer there.)

                              wrote: "Add the ability to delete a book from my Nook directly, without having to do so through the my library at B&N.com."
                              (This is also not a big issue, because I can access the website from my Nook anyway and make those changes there, but I just think it's odd that the option to delete a book directly from the Nook is not there, and it would make sense to add that option.)

                              racsw wrote: "With a lot of applications, WiFi and whatever else is running in the background, you should have an 'efficiency mode', which basically turns off everything that is not needed to read your books (its primary function), including dimming the screen a little.  This would be to help extend battery life."

                              Zxybabydoll wrote: "An easier way to find and download FREE Ebooks from B&N."
                              (I am in love with all the random free things I can download on my Nook: I downloaded a cookbook from 1891 yesterday that's just great. However, it is rather difficult to browse through all the free stuff that's listed.)

                              KayakerBob wrote: "Adjustable keyboard sensitivity. Some way to calibrate sensitivity."
                              (Wonderful idea.)

                              Kariahnna wrote: "Give us member discounts on the ebooks...My plan is to change over to almost all ebooks using the NookColor and there's no incentive to do that with your membership as it sits right now."
                              (I absolutely agree. I saw the replies about the publishers, but I still think B&N can work out something to fix this. As of right now, in order to avoid paying more for ebooks than I do for physical ones, I've only been downloading stuff that is free.)


                              There are other suggestions that sounded good to me as well, but they were solutions to problems I have yet to encounter, so I didn't include them.

                              This is my first e-reader, and I've only used the very basic features so far, but I'm still greatly satisfied with it and am excited to see what kind of updates will be added (and hopefully some of them will be from this post :smileywink:).

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                                Definitely a way to delete unwanted books from library.

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                                  Sure would be nice to have books in landscape mode. 

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                                    My wife, daughter and I share my Nook account so we can all share books.  I would want the syncing between readers to be an option, not a standard feature.  Otherwise my wife would get confused by my bookshelf customization.

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