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        Is it an eReader or a tablet?  B&N created very powerful eReader that has tablet capabitilies, but from their economic model it's first and foremost an eReader.  If it was a general use tablet, it would cost a good deal more.  It's not subsidized by a cell phone data plan (like the Samsung Galaxy tablet) nor is it as fully fleshed out and expensive as the iPad.  I wanted it as an eReader, and the rest is icing on the cake, but I do love good icing! 


        So in two categories (enhancement to the eReader, and tablet enhancements) here is my wish list:


        eReader enhancements:

        - bring back 'go to farthest read page"

        - a lower "lower brightness" setting for reading in the dark

        - PDF annotations

        - file manager capability to delete downloaded books without connecting to the computer

        - Put the comic section in the Washington Post.  I cancelled my Nook subscription because it was missing this key feature!  Who wants all the depressing news without the comics to lighten it up?


        Tablet enhancements:

        - more apps, including: email reader, stock ticker, weather, alarm clock, instant messenger, calendar, note pad, instant messengers, netflix.

        - podcast player

        - a better music player with playlists

        - Android 2.2 with flash

        - a tool to allow the NC to wirelessly sync with a folder on your computer, so you don't have to plug-in to be able to sideload pdfs, music and video.

        - pinch to zoom on the browser


        Overall, keep the focus on reading, but add the extra tablet functions, to minimize the tech gadgets that I have to carry.  Keep up the good work B&N!


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          Files to homescreen  :smileyhappy:

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            Totally agree with synching my NOOK wishlist on bn.com with my Nook Color wish list...my Nook did this; why remove the functionality...I spend most of my 'work' day on a computer and it is very easy for me to update my list on bn.com...then when it's time for a new book go to my list and choose a book...I don't need two lists...my opinion is B&N is driving us (the users) to shop on the device...


            Overall I am very pleased with my Nook Color, thought still learning the ropes...I especially enjoy the "Night" reading setting...

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              PDF support has been hands down the biggest dissapointment for me with my nook color. When I played with the nook color in store the zooming and landscape support was the main reason I sold my kindle and purchased a nook color. Once I actually began reading PDF's I was really, really let down. Here's what I'd like to see:


              • Opening a PDF to the last page read is such a basic piece of functionality I can't believe that we even have to request this. When reading a 600 page technical book do I really pay attention to what page I'm on when I stop reading?
              • Highlighting in PDF's would be a HUGE plus as I'm a student and would love to be able to use my nook as a textbook, but without highlighting support it's useless to me for that purpose
              • Annotation support in PDF's would also be a big plus for my studying


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                I would like to have a way to highlight multiple words at a time. When a word has an apostrophe I can't get the whole word highlighted either. I would also use a file management xystem. I just finished my first book on the nc. I see this device is going to encourage me to read more;that's a win-win for me and for b&N!

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                  To disable page turn when you tap the left side of the screen, or make any screen tap forward pages. I hold it with my left hand and have to use my right to page advance. Just annoying.


                  I was an avid reader using my ipod touch, so it is what I am accustomed to, along with the options in the ereader there.(stanza is the freaking bomb!)


                  Hope it comes soon! I love updates!!!

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                    I would like to have more control over how the page turns can be configured. i.e I really like the way that Google books turns the page by just sliding the text.


                    One of the things that I came to count on with my original Nook was that if I clicked the forward button I would get the flash when the page changed. The Nook Color needs some more feedback when I am turning pages, nothing fancy like the Ipad but something just a bit more that the instant refresh of text that exist now.

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                      Loving my color Nook so far- got it for the holidays.


                      Things I'd like to see: Obviously more Apps- really, access to the Android App Store would be the ultimate. 


                      - Important Apps I'd like to see: Facebook, Twitter, Mail, Alarm clock

                      - The screen even all the way down is still very bright. Would love to see a software update that lets you turn it down even more.

                      - Flash - youtube videos look pretty bad hoping this would fix that.

                      - Ability to see h.264 .mov, .avi videos on it. This is really important to me and my business.

                      - More of a difference between "Butter" and "Norman" Is there a difference at all?

                      - Sound should be able to be turned up more. Its pretty quiet even all the way up. Although this may be a hardware limitation.

                      - An option for animation on page turns. Something simple- but right now- I don't even know when a page turns and I've done it by accident on several occasions and couldn't for th life of me figure out were I was.




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                        manderpander wrote:

                        Oh yes!  Sorry for the spamming but i forgot


                        more video codecs please!  I can't watch my videos!


                        Or at least publish clear-cut requirements for mp4's on the NC (max/min size, bitrates, framerates, etc.).  I have yet to find any native mp4's that play, and so far, none of my attempts at conversion have worked (and just to say, I'm no stranger to video transcoding, having converted many files for use on other gadgets).



                        Edited to add:


                        Okay, after my last attempt, and again just getting a black screen, I rebooted the NC (held pwr button for 5 sec.).  Whaddya know?  This video plays fine.   Huh.  Wonder how many of the previous ones would have played?   D'oh!




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                          I just got a NOOKcolor for Christmas, and I love it.  My wishlist is pretty small:


                          Allow me to add bookmarks and notes to magazines and PDFs. 


                          I want to switch my paper magazine subscriptions over to the NC, but it doesn't seem to give me a way to bookmark a recipe that I want to try so I can find it later.  Instead, I have to remember that it's on Page 147 of the November edition of some magazine.  Not looking to turn this thing into a tablet or a laptop, but being ale to bookmark and note all file types would be nice.

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                            I also got a NC for xmas and am trying to learn more on how to use it. One of the items that I see lacking is PDF support. I sideloaded a technical PDF and was surpised to learn that I could not bookmark it nor be able to use any of the other features that were available with books.


                            To make the NC a stronger device it would be great if it had a app like goodreader which features full PDF support. That would be stellar. Since the heart of the NC is android base one would think this would be fairly doable.



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                              Dear Santa,


                              For Chistmas I'd like to have true HWR (hand-writing recognition) for the NOOKcolor.  Like the last-gen Newtons had (Rosetta).  That would be too cool for taking quick notes on-the-fly.  I've been especially good this year...please?  Pretty please?  I'd be oh-so grateful.




                              Yours truly,













                              *Whaddya mean Christmas is over?  It's not over, it's a state of mind.  Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour?!?*





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                                Shelves need to be able to be sorted by author as well as title and most recent.  This is available on the NOOK Classic.  The way they are now on the NOOKColor, they are completely useless to me.

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                                  I have both NOOK 3G and now NC and l love them both!  But there a couple things on the NC that would make the experience even better.  Some or all of these have been mentioned, so I would like to throw in a second to any of those!



                                  • First wishes are all concerning landscape mode:
                                  1. Main one for me would be to maintain landscape mode when pulling up something off the Quick Nav menu (Settings, for example) when you have been reading in landscape mode.  It would be really nice not to have to turn the NC if you're just checking something in settings and then going back to your reading.  You can easily just keep it sideways to check battery status or adjust screen brightness, but it would be better if those menus would just stay in landscape mode instead of switching to portrait and then back to landscape.
                                  2. epub books in landscape mode! ( I know this has definitely been requested).  I have the Sullivan easel cover and love to read magazines and surf the web in landscape mode but would also like to be able to read regular books that way, too.
                                  3. Have the option of looking at the Home screen in landscape mode (again, just the idea of continuity when coming off of landscape view from a magazine or the web browser)
                                  • I second the requests for the battery status to show up on the Quick Settings menu instead of having to go Quick Nav > Settings > Device Info.  I know the battery indicator is right on the front, but it be would nice to have a faster way of seeing the percentage left.
                                  Some other requests that would be nice options:
                                  • "Add to Home" tap and hold option for apps such as Pandora or games so that you can get even better use out of your Home screen.
                                  • The ability to look up words in magazines
                                  • Back button and (x) close button on all settings menus.  I know it's easy to get back to something through the Quick Nav menu or the "n" home button, but it's a little more intuitive to have those buttons.
                                  • Floating address bar on web browser so you don't have to scroll back to the top of the page to see it


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                                    I would like to see the following included in a future update . . .



                                    1. Ability to create more "Home" pages
                                    2. A way to "gray out" archived books for those of us who keep these on shelves other than the "archived" shelf.
                                    3. A way to "delete" samples you don't buy from the Color Nook device without having to go to BN online.  I bought this as a "reading device" to be away from the computer, not to have to work with the computer. 
                                    4. A "Word Search" puzzle in the extras section (there is an IPad app for this "Word Search" that works great!


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