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        I agree, a delete option (not just archive) on the nook color itself, just like what the e-ink nooks have. And I second the word search! What fun that would be.

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          I finally read the manual and learned how to highlight multiple words. No need to add something that's already there...I just needed to get up to speed with the instruction book. I would still like to see more in the way of a file management system.
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            I want to be able to sort my wishlist by title or author!!!!! 

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              I'd love to be able to drag-n-drop/rearrange a custom order to My Shelves, rather than having them always ordered by title. I have several series of books, and I've given each their own shelf to keep them nicely grouped together. The only problem is that the book names don't include the series number (or some do, but it's not at the beginning of the title) so all my series' are out of order (and I can't always remember which title is #1, which is #2, etc.).


              I'd really love to re-name the books with the series number at the front, but I'm pretty sure that'd be impossible, so being able to rearrange the books into their proper order on My Shelves would at least be the next best thing.

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                - Better PDF support

                -- Ability to search PDFs

                -- Ability to access the PDF bookmarks in the document

                (the full-up quickoffice should be able to do this)


                - Better dictionary

                -- Ability to access dictionary directly (outside of the bookreader)



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                  Equality for sideloaded books!  I know BN is working on the problems with book covers not showing, but I'd also like to be able to put sideloaded books on the main page and send quotes from them by email or Facebook. 



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                    Listed according to priority:


                    1) An RSS reader app. The mobile view for Google Reader works fine for now, but the font is small and can't be changed, and it's a bit slow because it runs through the standard browser.


                    2) The ability to mark up PDFs. As a student, it would be great to be able to add notes and highlights to PDF downloads in the Nook rather than printing them out. Would make it a serious study device.


                    3) A wider display for the article view in magazines. It's a handy feature, but the narrow column view wastes screen space.


                    4) Mobile web as a default. The browser isn't speedy enough to load full web sites, especially if there's no flash anyway, the screen is small enough that mobile view just makes more sense.


                    That's about all that comes to mind. Loving it so far and glad I didn't settle for the Kindle.

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                      I've read elsewhere that NC apps will be limited to those that enhance the reader's experience. I hope that includes:


                      • a calendar
                      • some kind of journal or reviewing app

                      That's all I'm hoping for right now, specifically. I love my NC but I still look forward to the apps!!


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                        I want to keep it simple, so to start with, just a few things (you may already be working on from what I'm reading on other posts):


                        1) ability to have some sort of program that allows for notes outside of books.  I read somewhere the apple sylus may work on the nookcolor so if we had a pgm that let you hand write notes that would be nice (the old palm back in the 90's could do that but you had to learn their way of writing letters but once you learned, it was great for taking notes).

                        2) Flash support so when on web, I can see these short videos posted on places like facebook

                        3) Ability to custom organize my shelves, put them in my own order

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                          I'd like some gingerbread, or failing that at least some frozen yogurt...

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                            I am deploying soon and my folks got me a nc to read books and keep all of the aviation pubs i need in one place.  The problem I'm running into is that my PDF files that I have loaded onto it are very limited and almost not worth having there.  Some of these are 800 pages long.  I would very much like functionality added to PDF files.  I understand these aren't ebooks, but give us some options.


                            At the very minimum we need a search function.  Rifling through hundreds of pages defeats the half the purpose of carrying this stuff on digits, the other half being portability.


                            Next, allowing us to add primary tabs for chapters and secondary tabs for important sections would be great.


                            Lastly, the highlighting function is very important to me and would be very helpful.


                            This is all I can think of for the moment.  I just would like my publications to be more accessible the way ebooks are.  If I think of anything else I'll be sure to add it in.

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                              NYTony wrote:

                              Personally I want some things to make this a full featured all in one ereader . . like how about a Twitter app, a Facebook App, a Gmail app, even a builtin in RSS Newsreader would be great.  Perhaps a calendar app that would sync with Google Calander.


                                Also, a print feature would be nice . . EVEN if it was only able to print as a PDF file to your SD card that you could then stick into your printer and print.


                              Also, if Docs To Go has an android app I'd like to see that avaiable for some very very basic office document editing.  LIke to fix a typo or something simple like that.


                              Perhaps the ability to play MP4 videos that were loaded onto a memory card.  It would be a great vacation machine then  . . let my son read some ebooks or watch a movie in the car . .then I'd be able to read my "paper" or a book in the hotel later after I check my email, twitter, calendar, and facebook.


                              That would make this soooo much more appealing to me than an iPad.  I haven't bought either yet . .but as I'm trying to decide what I really want froma device like this. . . and well the above is what I really want.  THe ipad to me is just too big and expensive if the Nook color could do these things then I'd be in for one for sure.


                              I'd like these things more than "games" though Angy Birds would be cool.



                              They already have one of these--it's called an iPad :smileyhappy:


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                                ...er might be quicker to root it and sideload another PDF reader...


                                Navigation was also my problem with various PDF reader on other tablets and trying to use the Adobe PDF app w/a 1400+ (16MB) page datasheet (TCC89XX).  Sorry, but I don't recall what I eventually settled on ATM and don't have the gTablet handy to check.


                                Angry Birds:  Oddly enough on the Viewsonic gTablet TapnTap started shipping their stock firmware w/Angry Birds pre-installed since the 12/24 update... 


                                OTA works WAY better w/gTab & stock fw than the NC & stock fw as I had to give up on OTA after 4d waiting and sideload it... which segues into another idea, how about also including an app to allow a user to force a firmware version check v. current and optionally initiate the update dl/sequence?  gTab stock fw has such an app in addition to their automatic OTA update service...

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                                  I don't know if this is a bug or just something that was overlooked, but I would like my NOOKcolor to remember that I have removed certain books from my home screen and stop adding them all back when I reboot.

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                                     I would like to be able to sort my books on the individual shelves.  Also, a calendar with options (monthly, daily that will allow you to put info on it), solitaire, a notepad where lists can be made, and other info can be put and saved/titled, and wordfind puzzle are a few....not too many but just a few more.  I wonder if we will get app purchase options down the road.  Oh, and 3G on this device would be great!

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