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        First of all, Kudos to everyone on the NC team for making a fantastic device!  It is awesome.

        My thoughts on tweaks to further enhance the capabilities and market appeal:


        • An option to password protect a book, or a whole shelf...to keep some things private
        • Enhanced PDF support (highlight, notes, bookmark,...)
        • Ability to delete / archive things from the device, instead of having to go to BN website
        • Ability to dim the screen a little bit more than presently possible


        Further, while the NC is not a tablet, I think the tablet like functions need to be enhanced further so that it keeps the competitive edge as new tablets come to market (otherwise everyone will buy competing tablets and dowload a Kindle ap).



        • Enhance web browser, to include pinch to zoom
        • Add Yahoo! email ap
        • Place the (android based) medication ap from Epocrates.com in the ap store, or let me install it directly from epocrates.com (this is a very useful ap for medical people)
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          Here are the things I'd like to see to improve the basic functionality of the Nook Color:




          • Pinch to zoom in web browser
          • Flash support!
          • Option to lower brightness of screen more
          • Ability to have any book on the homescreen
          • Some kind of warning the Nook is about to go into powersave mode- I've lost count the number of times I've almost get to the bottom of a page and the screen suddenly goes black.
          • Some kind of simple text editor
          • Android 2.2 and sideloading apps!



          • Landscape mode
          • Option to force all text BOLD
          • More color options for paper (especially pure black for night) and chose color for fonts
          • Fix cover not displaying bug (or tell us how we should author epubs to make the cover display correctly)
          • Page turn transitions option. Sometimes it's hard to see if you've turned a page... or two.



          • Treat PDF books as books rather than files
          • Bookmarks
          • Resize font and reflow text (rather than zoom in and scroll)
          • Support to view 2 and 3 column pdf's by splitting pages into 4 or 9 'pages' and reading in correct order.
          • Option to turn pages 'normally'  rather than swiping up to change page.
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            There should be a ability to disable the WEB BROWSING feature and password protect it. I am 11, and my parents don't want me having open web access. Here's my website http://grou.ps/sats

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              I'd like the Nookcolor to open .odg and .odt files

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                My 2¢:  I'd love to have a fully functioning Android tablet without having to hack/brick my NC.  Then I'd add the following applications:


                A better web browser





                Expenses and mileage tracker





                I'd turn off the cell phone standby to improve battery life.


                Finally, at times I find the capacitive screen frustratingly unresponsive.  If there were some way to emulate the precision of a stylus on a resistive screen, I would be very happy.

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                  Suggestions for future releases (apologies if they've all been mentioned before)


                  Better PDF support

                  - I have the erratic red X problem, most commonly for B&W pages which unfortunately makes up the majority of the pages in the PDF books I use most

                  - PDFs can be opened to the spot you were last reading

                  - searching, highlighting and commenting enabled

                  - at the minimum, being able to see bookmarks that already exist in the PDFs

                  - ability to flip pages L-R instead of up/down


                  Support/app for Overdrive

                  - I have access to two local libraries with growing collections of ebooks. The iTouch has an Overdrive app that lets you log into your library account/s and download the books right into the unit. It's not a big deal right now to connect to the computer, but the Nookcolor has wifi and the process is just inefficient.


                  A comic book reader or some type of support/app for reading cbz files. What a waste of the gorgeous screen not being able to read comic books!


                  - some sort of notepad

                  - a CUT and PASTE function between apps/screens (I mainly need this for my library card #s)

                  - pinch zoom for the web browser

                  - a BACK button to take me to the last thing I was doing without having to go through the menu


                  I have to agree that the home screen is pretty much useless for me right now. I'd like to add some of my PDF reference books on the home screen but cannot do so. I'd customize that 'n" homescreen button to use as a "BACK" button in a heartbeat if that was possible.


                  Thank you! I do enjoy the product. I think the screen rocks! But if PDF support doesn't improve, I seriously have to look into rooting this thing - which is a shame because I like having access to library books too.

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                    I'm doubtful that B&N actually reads these but thought I should mention this regardless.  I would like it if I could switch the left and right buttons on my NC.  When I'm holding it with my left hand and want to move to the next page it would be nice if I didn't have to swipe or set it down to click on the other side of the screen.


                    My right hand is usually immobilized by my cat.



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                      • A POP3 email client with a universal In Box (e.g., MailDroid)
                      • An integrated Music/Video player that's not so finicky about file formats AND is easier to use (e.g., Zimly)
                      • Ability to add thumbnails from ANY file to the home screen
                      • Ability to add shortcuts to folders/functions on the home screen
                      • A better/faster browser (e.g. Dolphin HD)
                      • File management software (e.g. Astro)
                      • An alarm clock/timer function
                      • Back/Forward/or Most Recent soft button

                      Assuming that the Android 2.2 update actually ships, isn't buggy, and it delivers to the NC what it did to my HTC Droid Incredible (after some major tweaking with calendaring software), that's it. 


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                        I received my NC for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it!  I am eagerly anticipating the upgrade and Nook App Store! 


                        My wish list...


                        - Calendar (one you can edit and receive reminders from)

                        - Calculator

                        - Sticky Notes (that you can stick on any screen, including in books!)

                        - Note Pad (with physical writing ability also *see below)

                        - To Do List (with physical writing ability also *see below)

                        - Journaling (with physical writing ability also *see below)

                        - Flash

                        - physical writing capability, with a stylus/pen would be absolutely fantatic!!!!  I had this on

                          my previous Windows based smartphone and I miss it terribly.  I know there is probably a

                          google app for it, but everytime I think I found one, it isn't it :smileysad: not that I have looked all that

                          hard :smileytongue:


                        I have a Google phone and I love it and the app store. I realize B&N doesn't plan on opening the NC up to the whole Google app market, which I get, but if we could get some basic functionality for organizational tools that would be a wonderful enhancement. 

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                          Oh and what about virsus/malware protection...that would be nice :smileyhappy:

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                            I would like to be able to gift an ebook. My friend also has a nookcolor, and it would be nice to be able to send him a book. You can give a song on iTunes, so why not a book--or even a magazine subscription with bn.com?
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                              I would like a filter to search for books, magazine, etc.... No matter what i search for, half of the results are "adult" books with pictures and titles that most people do not want to read/see. It would be great if the adult section was completely separate. I spend a lot less time looking for books that i want to buy, because of the constant trash that keeps showing up.

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                                I'd like some more apps.  A notebook or grocery list would be great as I do a lot of sitting in a car waiting for my daughter. A calculator would also be good as I budget while waiting.


                                Flash ability would be great as I log in to certain sites often and parts of them aren't visible because everyone uses flash anymore.

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                                  A rooted NC behaves just the way you say. Mine is normally in Launcher Pro and looks like Android, but touch "Library", and you are back to an NC.


                                  I don't believe B&N intends anything like that. What you will almost certainly see is more apps in the Extras drawer.

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                                    Here's my list, by category:


                                    READING BOOKS

                                    * Landscape mode!!! - esp importatnt when charger is connected or when wearing polarized sunglasses

                                    * lower minimum brightness level

                                    * blacker black for night mode

                                    * highlight in BOTH directions from original selection

                                    * google/wiki search on entire selection, not just one word

                                    * show cover as first page


                                    PDF SUPPORT

                                    * ability to highlight, add notes, and bookmark

                                    * remember last page read

                                    * better image support (no more red X's!!)


                                    WEB BROWSER

                                    * locked address bar at top

                                    * pinch-to-zoom

                                    * flash support

                                    * navigation arrows on keyboard

                                    * forward button in addidion to the back button


                                    FILE MANAGEMENT

                                    * ability to move and delete files from NC without the computer

                                    * allow multi-folder-deep file management

                                    * allow sideloaded books on home screen

                                    * ePub/other formats supported on NC without having to use the complicated ADE method

                                    * integration on NookStudy on NC itself, without computer



                                    * fix the right-side sensitivity issue on the crossword app


                                    APPS I HOPE TO SEE WITH THE NEW APP STORE

                                    * notebook/journal

                                    * calendar

                                    * calculator

                                    * audiobook app

                                    * manga/comic app

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