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    Can a misbehaving app drain the battery when off?

      I have had my Nook Tablet since January and it has been working fine up until 2 weeks ago. At that time I downloaded the app "Texas Holdem Poker" by Reel Coders LLC. Since then I have noticed that the Nook is stone dead from a full charge the next time I pick it up (a day or two later) and requires charging for at least 15 minutes to bring it back to life.


      True, I have wireless enabled, but no email is configured and I put it to sleep by pressing the side button when I am finished using it and I have always done this. I have not seen it drain like this since I downloaded the app.


      How can I remove the app to determine if that is the problem or can someone suggest another way to troubleshoot or agree that there are known issues with some apps?


      Thanks in advance!