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    Are you the author of an eBook? Tell us about it!

      This thread is an eBook equivilent to the one in the Community Room - Read My Book!


      If you're the author of an eBook and want to promote your work and network with other authors, this is the place to do it!



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          Ok, I'll go first. I just published The NeXt Dimension. Currently it is available at smashwords.com and at other ebook stores. Sometime later this week it will be out in print and also should be available for download from the B&N ebookstore. All proceeds from the sale are being donated to the Animal Compassionate Network in support of no kill shelters.


          Here is a synopis:


          What does an ancient parchment that details an alien voyage to earth thousands of years ago, a strange metallic box with extraordinary powers and a colleague who may have set up our leading characters all have in common? The answer lies with an underworld cartel bent on changing the balance of power in the world and a decision one of our heroes must make that will change their life and the future forever.


          LEVON WILLIAMS is still recovering from the events of the previous Spring when his girlfriend, Daniela, was kidnapped by agents of an underworld cartel. Despite what they have been through they decide to take a vacation to work on their future together. While in Cairo the couple purchase a statute of an Egyptian cat at a local market. Later that evening, Levon accidentally knocks it over and breaks it revealing a parchment that has been hidden inside for hundreds of years. The parchment has unusual markings on it and is made out of a strange material. A local Egyptologist notices them with the parchment one evening at a local cafe and offers her assistance. With her help they are able to translate the writings which reveal coordinates that identifies a location nearby in a ruin of pyramids. At the site they discover ancient artifacts including an unusual metallic box that may be of alien origin. The couple’s world soon becomes more complicated as they seek to find answers about the items they have discovered.


          While experimenting with the box they inadvertently draw the attention of an international cartel that has been searching for the box for decades. Forced to flee for their own safety, they head to a small village in Normandy where Daniela grew up. There the pot starts to boil as they begin to accept the truth about the ancient artifacts and why others are so intent on acquiring them. But in the process it also becomes less clear who they can trust as one person becomes pitted against another. The story takes the reader on an adventurous ride through a plot that is peppered with deceit, triangulation and manipulation by colleagues and foes alike. In the end Daniela must make a decision that she knows will change her life forever.


          Thank you for looking!


          J. Dillard Author of The NeXt Dimension


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            bumping this thread to keep it current....think its a great idea!

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              My book is being featured on the Indie Author blog at:  theindiespotlight (dot) com on February 15th. Thank you!

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                If you enjoy historical romances set in 1930 Munich Germany you may enjoy this New novel. The Day the Flowers Died is a gently narrated love story told in a time of prejudice. While the country crumbles apart, Eli Levin and Rebecca Baum fall in love. Despite family disapproval, social prejudice and the growing Nazi party, the two embark on a lasting journey that twines their lives forever.


                A story about love. A story about loss. A story about our history. 


                Order it from smashwords, scribd, lulu, createspace, and the kindle. Soon to be on the nook.



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                  Hello all,

                  I just completed my first e book titled "When I Am Learning To Love Me" which is a great resource for parents of school age and adolescent girls.  Professionals will benefit from this resource as well as the book discusses the issues our girls face from peer pressure, media exposure, and teen pregnancy. 


                  Check it all.  When I Am Learning to Love Me has gotten great reviews thus far.




                  Michelle Chaisson

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                    Here are 2 haunted house novels and 2 free short ghost stories I have available for the Nook:


                    Heir to Winston Manor  is available for $2.99:
                    Tim Weir is stunned to learn that he is included in the will of his great aunt and uncle. Wanting to see what needs to be done to the house, he takes time off from work to visit the large estate on the coast of Lake Michigan that he inherits. He realizes that he may not be alone in the vacant house. With restless spirits remaining around the estate, Tim searches for answers to understand why the ghosts linger and why he was chosen to inherit the manor. (about 44,000 words).


                    The Wahl House Curse  is available for $2.99:
                    Peter Corbin is in need of a change in his job as a realtor in a busy Michigan suburb. A chance to transfer to a small town in mid-Michigan seems to be what he and his wife Sarah need. They purchase an old house for a bargain price without much regard for the troubled past. This proves to be something he will soon regret. (about 60,000 words).


                    The Ghost of Birch River Cabin, a short story, is temporarily free:
                    Staying at a dark secluded cabin along the Birch River that his uncle owns seems like the perfect fly fishing weekend getaway for Paul. Strange occurrences begin happening. Will it be enough to prevent the unknown history of the cabin from being repeated? (about 5500 words).


                    Slow Down is free:

                    A short story about a careless driver, named Scott, who causes a tragedy. Scott is haunted by his actions. Will it cause him to change his ways?


                    Thank you,

                    John T. Gaffield

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                      There has been 100's of readers who have enjoyed Author, Christopher Dyer's, first book, "Quotes for the Journey Through Life". He has now released his 2nd book called, "Two Hearts One Love". This is another excellent read for someone who likes to curl up and enjoy historical romance. It is packed full with historical love letters, quotes and new quotes for all walks of people, Even from a 4th grader! We all know that kids say the darnedest things! At only $1.99 per ebook, this is a must have for every helpless romantic! This book is available on Nook and Amazon!


                      Two Hearts One Love 


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                        What if you received a note of warning dated hundreds of years before you were born? What if it was addressed to you?


                        A Time Travel-

                        A Love Story filled with Suspense-

                        A Mystery that will keep you guessing til the end...


                        On An Island of Secrets

                        One woman, two men and a love that transcends time get a second chance to prevent history from repeating itself. But will love be enough to win the battle against time and stop the force that’s kept them apart for centuries?


                        SHANE ALEXANDER has realized he should never have allowed his ex-girlfriend to spend her honeymoon on his island, but he never dreamed she’d run to the tabloids and blab about seeing ghosts. With the future of Leigh Island in danger, he devises a plan to dispel her claims and unknowingly sets in motion events that bring him face to face with a past that not only threatens his future but his life.


                        After breaking off her engagement, LILA FITZPATRICK wants a new beginning, but when she agrees to help her roommate by pretending to be a reporter, the last thing she expects to find is the man of her dreams. The question is what will he do when he finds out who she really is?


                        ISLAND OF SECRETS BY Tammie Clarke Gibbs

                        Island of Secrets 

                         Thank you for letting me share.

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                          Wizard Heights Book 1  


                          Just 99 cents for a limited time!


                          When the Goodfellow family moves to a new neighborhood, the last thing that eleven year old, Charlie Goodfellow is looking for is adventure. But one day when he is exploring a secluded, hilltop retirement community called Wizard Heights, he finds it.


                          Up there, old folks glide about in flying recliners, and sip tea to the dulcet tones of string quartets on moonlit nights.


                          But there are more sinister forces at work, too. A strange, pale boy called Whitstable befriends Charlie and tells him about a sinister plot involving his cryogenically frozen wizard grandfather, and the mysterious, Egyptian Idol of Thebes. Charlie is plunged headlong into an adventure that will take him deep beneath the cobwebby catacombs of the retirement community, and into the palaces of the eclectic luminaries of Wizard Heights.


                          The story gallops along at an unstoppable pace, taking many fascinating twists and turns along the way. Wonderful characters are to be found here—action, adventure, magic, and mystery too.


                          Download and read the first installment of this new, magical adventure series, today!


                          For ages 11 and up.

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                            The Mysterious Case of Doctor Octavius Plum's Incredible Ever After Machine  


                            When British children, Jennifer and Timothy Goodhew visit their grandfather on the isle of St. Mary's, they are surprised to find him missing. In his place they find a wily, old pirate captain, who has taken control of their grandfather's manor and its servants.


                            The captain puts the children to work—Timothy in the tumbledown graveyard at the end of the garden, and Jennifer within the manor itself. Naturally, the children are concerned about their missing grandfather and begin to investigate his disappearance.


                            In the course of their investigations, they discover that the garden surrounding the manor has become wildly overgrown. Furthermore, they are told that entrance to their grandfather's laboratory is strictly forbidden.


                            Undaunted, the children continue their investigations, and in so doing, discover a remarkable secret and a diabolical plot that will change their lives forever.


                            This novel will, in turn, warm your heart and send chills down your spine. It leads the reader on an unforgettable journey through an eerie manor, an overgrown garden, a tumbledown graveyard, and to a gripping conclusion. For ages 9 and up.

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                              Things aren't always what they seem. Detective Kenny Elliot brushes the dirt from the surface of a John Doe overdose case to find a labyrinth of deception.


                              BENEATH A BURIED HOUSE


                              Bob Avey



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                                I am the author of the Willow Ryan series, a collection of women's fiction that has gotten great reviews.  The first two novels in the series are available as ebooks and the third will be up in the very near future.  If you enjoy reading books by Meg Cabot, Kristin Hannah, Robin Jones Gunn, Debbie Macomber, or Melody Carlson, you may enjoy the Willow Ryan series as well.  Here is a description of the first title in the series, Secrets.  Thanks for reading! :smileyhappy:


                                It is the summer of 1986, and recent high school graduate Willow Ryan is going to have a baby, something she never imagined would happen to her. Unable to disclose her secret and unwilling to give up her baby, Willow leaves her Midwestern home for a new life in charming Santa Elena, California, where she lands a job working for a quirky Southern belle named Peggy, who has a knack for finding trouble in the most unlikely places. Willow's new neighbor, a friendly surfer dude named Denny, quickly becomes someone she can count on for anything, but could there be more to their relationship than Willow sees?

                                "Secrets" will take you on a journey with this independent, determined young woman as she grows up quickly, becomes a mother, and deals with a catastrophic event that makes all of her secrets come to light.





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                                  The Girl in the Lighthouse  (Arrington book I) has launched on Nook at the sale price of only .99! For a limited time only.


                                  Happy Reading :smileyhappy:


                                  Roxane Tepfer Sanford



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