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        Tomorrow is my birthday so I'm doing my final holiday pitch today for WATERBURY: a holiday crime novel.  What do you think of the brand new cover design?

        Hope you mystery lovers download your copy today, or give one as a gift.  It's only 99 cents!




        What Nook readers are saying so far:
        Great read

        This author writes a great mystery. Moves right along. Have read all her books and have love them all
        Great read
        Really great short read for a cold wintery night
        Suspenseful to the max
        Very good mystery, I love the writing style of this author. [/b][/color]She brings depth to the characters and develops a very realistic storyline that kept me on edge. Loved it.
        Loved this!
        Great psychological suspense...couldn't put this down
        Great book, especially for the holidays!
        This really suspenseful thriller revolves around a family at the holidays. The plot builds to a boil in this exciting book.


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          KatiaLief wrote:


          Tomorrow is my birthday so I'm doing my final holiday pitch today for WATERBURY: a holiday crime novel.  What do you think of the brand new cover design?...


           Happy birthday Katia. Good luck with your book. 

          Wish you all Happy holiday season. Self-help and spiritual series. "Printed Editions" are now available under $10. http://bitly.com/rLLgLo


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            I hope I've done this right, I'm a bit of a techno spanner but here goes.

            Few Are Chosen  is available for Nook for the princely cost of $3.00.

            Rating: PG - some light swearing and violence

            Target Reader: The kind of people who read Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde, Douglas Adams and JK Rowling.

            As the best getaway man in K'Barth The Pan of Hamgee knows everyone's out to get him. When he unwittingly sets himself on a collision course with Lord Vernon, K'Barth's despot ruler, The Pan must make choices and stand up for his beliefs beliefs he never knew he had until they were challenged. But, faced with a stark moral dilemma will his new found integrity stick? Can he stop running?

            "I am now your number one fan." Emily, aged 30 something.

            "I have real difficulty getting  my 12 year old son to read anything but he loved this book. Now his 14 year old brother wants to read it too. Please hurry up wiht the next one." Sam, aged not telling.

            "I loved it." Joe, aged 14.

            "A must for Alex Rider and CHERUB lovers." Dylan, aged 12.

            I've tried to keep the price the same everywhere so hopefully there will be no issues with reduced prices on the Dark Side of the e-book force.

            Thank you for your time.





            • 153. New Frontier by Cliff Ball, a speculative fiction novel

              New Frontier (speculative fiction, alt history)  


              In this speculative fiction novel, what-if Ronald Reagan became President in 1976 instead? He continues with the moon landings, and declares that a moon base would be established by 1979, followed by a Mars Base by 1989. The Soviets decide to up the ante by building an interstellar starship, and send it on its way as the US establishes a permanent presence on the Moon. The US builds a space station, followed by a base on Mars, that will eventually be turned into a colony.

              The rest of Earth follows the original timeline, so terrorism rears its ugly head, which will forever change American politics. Iran and its attempt at taking hostages is taken care of in 1979, but a new threat emerges because of it. The new POTUS has to pursue these enemies of the US to secure America's future. We follow America's progress from Moon to Mars, along with the Teacher in Space Program, to an eventual starship mission out of the solar system, which will continue in book two.


              Currently $2.99, and paperback will be $8.99 when it becomes available on B&N.

              • 154. A Treasure of Great Spiritual Stories



                Published: Feb. 08, 2011
                Category: Non-Fiction » Self-Improvement » Religion and self-improvement
                Words: 50029 (approximate)
                Language: English


                Printed Edition available under $10 now

                Short Description

                This collection of spiritual stories and precepts supplement and buttress our moral sense, which is conscience or the spark within that tells us to do good. Learning spirituality is not simply philosophy and drama. It teaches us everyday behavior, whether controlling our tempers or appetites, or just watch TV. We learn spirituality the same way we learn math or play baseball -- through practice.

                • 155. The Job Hunter by Justin Stanisic

                  A jobless loner finds himself tangled in a game of cat-and-mouse with a rich sociopath after answering a Help Wanted ad in the paper.


                  The Job Hunter  

                  • 156. The Last Confession by Justin Stanisic

                    A small-town waitress helps a bipolar priest search for his missing sister.


                    The Last Confession  

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                      Just published a collection of my poetry Menagerie Menagerie on the Nook. It's a sample of the poetry that I have scribbled over the years. Here's a small taste. Happy New Year everybody.


                       Dream Race


                      Lover Fox

                      Lover Dog


                      She Runs

                      He Runs


                      Dog Fast

                      Fox Faster


                      Over Hill

                      Under Bridge


                      Passing City

                      Splashing River


                      Fox Leads

                      Dog Follows


                      On and on

                      On and on


                      Never stopping

                      'til World's End.





                      • 158. Art of Stress-free Living: Eastern and Western Approach

                        Art of Stress-free Living 


                        Published: Feb. 07, 2011
                        Category: Non-Fiction » Self-Improvement » Emotional healing
                        Words: 59165 (approximate)
                        Language: English

                        Printed Edition available under $10 now

                        Short Description

                        This is a practical guide that combines stress treatment approaches recognized for centuries by faith healers and meditation experts, and are now accepted by modern medical practitioners. It can save you from going to expensive seminars and other programs offered in physicians' offices, spas, schools or retirement centers; because it provides relaxation techniques that you can follow yourself.

                        • 159. Re: Are you the author of an eBook? Tell us about it!

                          People that crochet and knit love the convenience of having all their favorite patterns in a stored library like the Nook.  I have added eight of my original crochet patterns for crocheters to enjoy.  They are easy to read and the finished items make great gifts.  Take a look at what I have to offer at this link:



                          Sock Monkey Hat Pattern for babies

                          • 160. EBook Publishing and Marketing Guide

                            EBook Publishing and Marketing Guide  


                            EBook Publishing and Marketing Guide

                            Published: Aug. 10, 2011 
                            Category:Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Marketing
                            Category:Nonfiction » Computers and Internet » Digital publishing
                            Words: 36319 (approximate)
                            Language: English

                            Ebook Short Description

                            Published writer or not yet, consider creating ebooks, the fastest growing sector in the publishing industry. Ebook sales are soaring and surpassing paper books. We will help you publish on various digital platforms. You will learn to convert a document into eBook format; prepare cover; and price your book. Your idea will turn into an eBook and you start collecting royalties in days not weeks. 

                            • 161. Re: Hot Tea (Book 1 of the Tea Series)

                              Hot Tea




                              The characters in The Tea Series are people you'd like to know and part of a family that welcomes you with open arms.  More than 70,000 copies of the books in this series have been sold.  You will find that each book in the series is a fast and fun read.  Each installment of the series is a hybrid of the traditional novel and the serial novel (each is a full-length novel and leads directly into the next installment.)  Each book is just 99 cents.


                              In Hot Tea  Cara O'Flynn finds herself in an unusual position.  She's quit her job and can afford to take a few weeks to find a new career.  Plus her roommate has run off and left her with an empty room to fill.  If she can just accomplish those two tasks before her mother finds out she has no income and no one to help pay the bills, she's in good shape.     The problem - Cara didn’t plan for three careers in as many days, nor did she anticipate the new guys that dropped in her lap.  And then there's her sister Teagan, while always helpful and funny, she can be a bit annoying at times.  When you’re Irish, all things (good and bad) come in threes.  It’s inevitable.  Cara should have remembered not to forget that part.    Cara and Teagan bring laughter, intelligence, and family tradition to every experience they encounter. 

                              • 162. Forever Young: How To Fight The Aging Process

                                FOREVER YOUNG  


                                Published: Feb. 08, 2011
                                Category: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Aging well
                                Words: 41117 (approximate)
                                Language: English

                                Also available in Printed Edition Under $ 9

                                Short Description

                                “Forever Young’ isn't just about adding years to your life or for seniors only. It's about functioning at peak capacity throughout life, feeling great, and being able to do things that make life worth living. It's about being biologically or functionally young, regardless of your chronological age. You will find not only scientific theories about aging but their safe application to stay young.

                                • 163. Just Be Yourself, Zap

                                  Zap wants to make some friends at a new school. Will Zap regret ignoring his mother's advice of "just be yourself" or will the school children be impressed when Zap pretends to be someone he's not? 

                                  Read this book with young children and teach them a valuable lesson of always being true to themselves.

                                  Featuring 32 original illustrations and over 450 words.


                                  Just Be Yourself, Zap  

                                  • 164. Re: Are you the author of an eBook? Tell us about it!

                                    The Counterfeit  Historical Romantic Suspense from the author of the Kindle Bestselling Gothic and Time Travel Romance, ISLAND OF SECRETS

                                    Sometimes the Road to Justice is filled with Compromise…

                                    Jeremy Loud is good at what he does.

                                    As a Secret Service Operative he’s quick on his feet and a master of his emotions.

                                    Then, he wakes up naked, disoriented and in physical pain to find a mysterious woman busy at his stove. His first mistake is assuming she’s a barmaid. His biggest mistake is underestimating her ability to get into trouble. Soon he realizes his assignment to infiltrate and bring to justice the infamous Quincy Davenport and his band of counterfeiters might be easier than keeping one strong-willed and beautiful redhead out of trouble.

                                    Magen MacGuire is determined to find the man responsible for her father’s death and make him pay.

                                    Then, her plans go awry and a case of mistaken identity leads her to the last thing she expects; a mysterious stranger she could easily fall in love with. She makes a choice to right a wrong, but in her case doing the right thing isn’t viewed as proper and gets them both into even more trouble.

                                    The odds are against them, but can they find the love of a lifetime before their secrets are exposed and if they do can they overcome the lies?

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