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        Published: Feb. 05, 2011
        Category:Non-fiction » Health and Well Being » Dieting
        Words: 44342 (approximate)
        Language: English

        Also available in Print Edition

        Short Description

        New & natural way to weight loss. Not another diet and vigorous exercise or some nutrient, vitamin, hormone, and drug that I am promoting. With child obesity at national emergency levels (that has involved first lady Michelle now); it is time to treat those fat, unhealthy, undisciplined, drug infested bodies with a technique that works. This book is here to help you with that. Good Luck!

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          I have some ebooks sharing the Christian faith. These are suitable for those 10 and up:


          Fast Track to Victory, A Christian Guidebook, a 40-lesson devotions book for new and young Christians. 


          Finding God: Biblical Answers to Questions about Our Maker, appeals to those who don't like going to church, feels God doesn't hear their prayer, etc.


          For writers, I have some ebooks on self publishing.


          What You Should Know about Self Publishing 


          What You Should Know Before you Hire a Book Designer  (free)


          Book-Selling-Strategies for the Reluctant Marketer


          Thanks for the opportunity to share!!

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            Ashalon  After manifesting powers that he never dreamed possible, a twelve year old boy discovers to his shock that his true identity is Ashalon, the descendant and heir to an ancient bloodline spanning across thousands of generations that has only now reached its fruition. 

            Driven by excruciating loss and emotional trauma, he begins to use his abilities to intervene during natural disasters, saving as many lives as he can. His selfless acts of heroism however, bring him to the attention of forces that, for reasons which will soon become clear, seek his destruction.

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              Here is my latest short story available for the Nook!



              The Haunting of the Charles F. Campton  


              A November 1953 storm on Lake Michigan pushed the steamer Charles F. Campton to its limits. Captain Jason Feldkamp was also beyond his limitations, leaving First Mate Tom Howard with the task of keeping the crew safe in the churning waters. He was not as alone as he thought. The ghosts from the freighter’s troubled past emerge, but how would they affect the crew’s perilous situation?

              A short story with about 3500 words.


              Note, the description may not be available on the site yet.


              Thank you,



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                 I am the author of: "NO TIME TO CRY" - One Woman's Will to Survive Against All Odds.


                “No Time to Cry” is a fact-based series of events of one woman’s plight to provide for herself and her two children while undergoing a decade worth of employment battles, (including loss and corruption), vehicle theft, eviction, sexual harassment, and eventually, homelessness. Her stories often connect humor with tragedy as a way for her to ease the pain when she is forced to inform her children that she’s lost yet another job at no fault of her own.

                The author’s continuing source of strength throughout her ten year ordeal of mayhem and mishaps is her never-ending faith and trust in God. It is with Ms. Wallace’s explicit bone-chilling account of her five year old son’s near fatal car accident, that she not only makes you feel the sheer terror of that moment, but goes a step further to confess her own human flaws in the wake of God’s mercy. Thus, letting you know that there’s a viable reason why she believes the way she does, and how she not only coped, but managed to survive it all.
                "NO TIME TO CRY" blends a unique mix of heartache and hope for this single mother's never-ending journey of faith from the depths of despair.
                Guaranteed to make you laugh and cry.
                FC - for Smashwords COVER PIC.jpg


                My ebook is available for sale HERE: http://www.amazon.com/NO-TIME-TO-CRY-ebook/dp/B0098QPJTE



                • 230. Secrets Shrouded in White


                  Secrets Shrouded in White  


                  Do you see her? Chloe does. Chloe Cameron sees the little girl, prancing around joyfully and silently in her white dress.  


                  Fear explodes into pure terror when Chloe becomes desperate for answers. Darkness threatens to engulf her life in this nail biting, edge of your seat paranormal thriller with a romantic twist. She doesn’t even know who—orwhat she is running from.


                  Fire and ice. Light and Darkness. Good vs. Evil. Chloe is on a collision course with chaos, and her life hangs in the balance as she desperately searches for answers. She’s fighting for her life, and just like any other fight, there will be a winner…and there will be a loser.



                  This isn't your average ghost story. Or your average romance. Danger lurks around every corner. With every flip of a page. You could be immersed in a steamy romance one minute, and the next you're engaged in a battle of life or death. It's definately a good read for people across many genres. Thrillers. Romances. Ghost stories. Secrets Shrouded in White has it all. 

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                    Science, Religion & Spirituality  


                    Also available in printed edition
                     Short description

                    This guide will teach you to observe your mind, to live in gratitude, and to discard expectations. The benefits of focusing on your spiritual-self include tranquility, increased production, resurgence of vitality, mental clarity and joy of living. An understanding of “Science, Religion & Spirituality” will put you on a road to love and happiness irrespective of your faith

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                      Soul and Reincarnation  


                      Also available in printed edition
                       Short description

                      The views on soul and reincarnation vary from no such thing as a ‘soul’ to only humans possess a soul, to both humans and animals possess a soul, and that soul likewise dies when the physical body dies or that soul is immortal and never dies. All religions believe in the existence of SOUL in human body, but they differ in what happens after death. This manuscript searches for the truth.

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                        I design knitting and crochet patterns.  Here is my latest knitting pattern available to download on the Nook:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1115247741?ean=2940016785318&itm=1&usri=2940016785318


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                          I'm excited to announce that Las Vegas - the first novella of The Girls Series - is in the hands of the formatter and will be published soon.  Las Vegas, the first novella of The Girls Series, brings us Adeline, Anna and Carolyn - three women set on making their next few years more fun than the last few.


                          Tea and Honey - the ninth book in the Tea Series - is in the hands of the editor and will be off to the formatter soon.


                          If you haven't started The Tea Series yet -- now would be a great time to start.  =)



                          The characters in The Tea Series are people you'd like to know and part of a family that welcomes you with open arms.  More than 150,000 copies of the books in this series have been sold.  You will find that each book in the series is a fast and fun read.  Each installment of the series is a hybrid of the traditional novel and the serial novel (each is a full-length novel and leads directly into the next installment. - and best when read in order)  The first book of the series - Hot Tea - is price reduced for a limited time.  Each book is just $2.99.



                          Hot Tea  

                          Sweet Tea  

                          Iced Tea  

                          Green Tea  

                          Peppermint Tea  

                          Tea to Go  

                          Summer Tea  

                          Traditional Tea  


                               ---   or  ---


                          Four books bundled at a discounted price of just $6.99


                          The First Four - The Tea Series  

                          The Tea Series - Books Five through Eight  



                          I hope you will give them a try.



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                            I write for Total-e-bound.com and have since 2008. Currently, I have published 4 books with them: Conquest of a fairy and my Pleasure series - Tasting Pleasure, What's your Pleasure and Discovering Pleasure. The first two in the series is also available in print. Warning:  These books are for ADULTS only due to the following content: BDSM, MFM, FmF, and really hot sex scene.

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                              Murder Begets Murder and Deadly Favors by DM Nelson 99¢


                              Murder Begets Murder is a suspenseful mystery thriller set in Washington State against a backdrop of island ferries, mountain roads, and deadly twists.

                              Seattle defense attorney, Mac Brodie, has a beautiful wife, two young children, and lives in tony Mercer Island on Lake Washington. He made a fortune back east so now has the luxury of picking his clients by their need, not their paycheck. His wife wants Mac to use his looks and charm to run for congress, but he loves what he does and with whom he does it. His investigator, Seth Ivarsson is a 6’7” pony-tailed behemoth ex-cop who lives on a houseboat, and describes himself as more loyal than moral. The third and last member of Brodie’s team is a thirty year-old legal assistant, Brooke Fletcher who’s in her third year of law school. Though immensely attracted to her, Mac values his family too much to mess around – and she doesn’t seem interested.

                              Mac’s latest client, Earl Richards, is on death row and guilty as sin. But Mac doesn’t believe in the death penalty and will do whatever it takes to get the sentence commuted. Little could he predict the nightmare that leaves everyone he loves in imminent danger and his life forever changed.


                              Deadly Favors:


                              New England is known for its history but someone is willing to do whatever it takes to keep a part of it buried forever. From the streets of Boston to the underworld of Providence to the lakes of New Hampshire, Deadly Favors is a taut legal thriller ripped from today's headlines of racism and the modern growing threat of the super rich with frightening agendas.


                              It’s the eve of the 2012 election. Super Storm Sandy is ready to blast the northeast. Seattle Defense Attorney Mac Brodie and his investigator Seth Ivarsson travel to Boston to look into the racially charged thirty-year-old murder of a white coed. Meanwhile new law partner Brooke Fletcher, minding the shop back in Seattle, finds herself immersed in her own case involving a missing juvenile and the juvenile who may have murdered him.


                              When strange things start happening on the streets and subways of Boston, Mac is unconcerned but Seth is sure that the events have something to do with the case. After an evening of festivity, the unthinkable happens and blaming themselves, the survivors seek solace in revenge. With Sandy about to hit, an unlikely pair teams up to try to save one of their own, but as the night wears on, they find themselves in the eye of an entirely different kind of storm that promises untold devastation.




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                                Short description

                                The most powerful book on breathing that not only explains what many people learn in expensive workshops and remote retreats but very personal routine the author follows. Several independent studies on breathing are given that confirm the practitioners of breathing techniques not only experience physical and mental comfort, but discover cures for illnesses such as asthma.

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                                  My name is Carlos Aranda. My first book "My convserations with God" just released on October 1st. It is available for the nook as well as paperback. It has been a long journey but it is finally out and i hope that it is something that you find enjoyable and something that you would want to share with others. It is a biblical perspective on how God wants us to view and get through the trials and troubles that come our way. i am so exccited to have the opportunity to share with everyone my new book. Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance if you check out my book.

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                                    The Power of Breathing  


                                    Available in eBook and Printed Edition


                                    Review Title- Excellent Advice: ***** 5-Star review on Amazon By Suzanne White: Nobody much really knows how to breathe. This savvy book clues you in without boring you to tears. It's a terrific self-helper. SL -Paris.

                                    This is one of the most powerful books on breathing. Chapter 5, for example, explains two sets of breathing exercises which takes you out of this world. This not only explains what many people learn in expensive workshops and remote retreats but very personal routine the author follows.

                                    The book teaches you breathing-based technique called the healing breath. It incorporates specific natural rhythms of breath to release stress and bring the mind to the present moment. The book also includes other breathing techniques, meditation, low-impact yoga, and skills for dealing effectively with challenging emotions and situations.

                                    Several independent studies on mental and physical health benefits of the breathing are given along with source, which have been published in international peer-reviewed journals. The studies confirm that practitioners of breathing techniques not only experience physical and mental comfort in their own breathing, but find cures for common illnesses from heart disease and cancer to asthma.
                                    The “Power of Breathing” is written to be enjoyed by people of all traditions, religions, and walks of life, in universities, churches, governments, businesses, prisons, war zones, community rooms, and living rooms. The book is complete in itself and is also a foundation of healthy living.

                                    What is called “Sudarshan Kriya” by new age gurus is a cycle of breaths—long, medium and short. Not only breathing patterns influence our emotions, the breath is in the present and is used to "rope in the wandering mind" that oscillates wildly between the past and the future. Like Zen masters who teach that the present moment is a chink opening into eternity, this guide describes the use of breathing to rope the present that frees our mind from the past which is nothing but history and the future which is mystery.

                                    You will learn:
                                    * Practices that heal and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit
                                    * Skills for handling negative emotions and situations
                                    * Practical wisdom for improving work and relationships
                                    * Insight into the laws that govern the mind and emotions
                                    * Stretching and low-impact yoga combined with breathing for health, circulation, and body stillness

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