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    hotspots (bright portions) on screen

      I have had my NC since 12/5.  I just noticed this week that there are 2 spots where the screen is slightly brighter than the rest.  They are different sizes and shapes (both irregular) and nearby each other; both are near the top left of the screen.  They are most noticeable when there is white space on the page, which is why I may not have noticed them before (since most chapter endings have text near the top of the page); I noticed it with a book that has chapters that begin halfway down the page.  I have since tested it with different screens, and I can see it -- if I look for it -- in all circumstances where there is no text or image over the affected area: home screens, pdfs, epubs, music player, search, web browser....  I can't see the spots in the crossword app, because there is a grid/text over that area.  It may be a new development, or it miay have been there all the time.  I am curious: Has anyone else noticed anything similar? 

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          I haven't seen this on an NC, but I've seen it on numerous LCD computer monitors.  In fact, my wife's monitor exhibits this trait.  It's an older monitor, we just live with it.   You may want to exchange.




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            I also got my nook color in December. In the last few days I have noticed the same thing. Mine is also on the top left of my screen, mine has 1 spot, and then a white line that is directly under the spot, and runs to the middle of the screen.. My nook is in a hard case, with a screen protector, so I know it has not been damaged..
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              Mine is also on the lefty upper side. I just noticed it and am going to take it into the store before the warranty runs out. Any experience on how BN will respond?

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                I've had one for a couple of months. Bought in December--trend?--and mine is in the lower left, about midway up the little slidey bit with books on it on the home screen. What do we call that? The Something Shelf?

                Current Shelf?


                Today's Shelf?




                I got the 1-year accidental damage warranty from BestBuy when I got mine, so I was wondering if I should return it.


                Or maybe I should just take it to B&N?



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                  Mine has those too! I received mine as a Christmas gift and noticed the spots but just dealt with them. Any resolutions?? I did not purchase the warranty. 



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                    Im also having this problem, my 1 year "warranty" is good until march. I called the tech said i could walk through the steps he would lay out for me and if it couldnt be resolved on my end he would replace it with a refurbed one.


                    I follow the steps deleting all my books and personal information, go through the steps, then he comes back with my supervisor said it isnt covered..........


                    Seems like just an attempt to save money on their end, i believe this issue could be covered under warranty and the only reason it wasnt was to save money on their end.


                    So much for "Customer Service" Hopefully I can sell off my nook and pick up a kindle fire, Hopefully amazon will actually honor their warrantys


                    - Nicholas, Worcester MA

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                      Same issue here with our Nook Color. Our Nook Tablet is awesome, but the Nook Color developed a rather large bright area on the screen that runs almost the entire hight of the left side of the screen. We've owned it too long to take back to the store so I have emailed B&N customer service to see if anything can be done. I'd like it to be fixed or exchanged for a refurb one that doesn't have this issue. It wouldn't be such a big deal if it didn't cover so much area on the screen. It is not even that old of a device to have such an issue...  After seeing so many people having the same problem it makes me wonder if there was a bad batch of Nook Color devices released.


                      On a side note, I love the Nook Tablet... no issues with it as we've experienced with the Color one.

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                        I've had my NC since Dec 2010. For the last year or so I've had a white spot on the mid upper left quadrant, as well.

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                          I am having the same issues as the poster above with a refurb NC purchased about the same time.  A "hot spot" on the left side of the screen about 3' long and a small dot in the middle when held in portrait mode.  It is especially obvious against a white backgound.


                          Everything else is still functional and works great.  I am just wondering if this will cause premature screen failure and if there is anything that can be done about it.

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                            My nc has developed these as well.
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                              I have one on the upper left and in the lower portion of my NC.  They miraculously appeared one day and never went away. Lately I have been having issues with it not allowing me to turn pages or has a long hesitation before turning the page.  And I can no longer use the live-walpapers/screen savers.  


                              Unfortunately my extended warranty is long past expired so I just learn to deal with it :smileysad:  Next step for tonight is deregistering and reregistering it again....