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    Isn't there ANY way to get someone from PubIt to answer a request for help?

      I've been having problems with reviews not showing up or not being tallied for over 2 months now. At the same time that our reviews went wonky, formerly robust sales dried up. I have been emailing for help for that long. I have tried all of these email addresses, repeatedly:


      "PubIt" <pubit@bn.com>, "PubIt! Business" <exch_pubitbusiness@book.com>, "Publisher Author Inquiry" <publisherauthorinquiry@bn.com>, pubitbusiness@book.com


      I've tried messaging on Facebook. I've tried begging. I've tried sacrificing a live goat. But I can't get any help! Usually I just get total silence. Every few weeks, I get this:



      Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We're working with the
      necessary teams to investigate and address this issue as soon as

      The PubIt! Team


      But clearly that's just a "shut up and go away" message, sent automatically and not by a human. Certainly the problems are never addressed.


      If anyone has an actual phone number to a real human who could help us, I would pay you money for it, I would...