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    Mail App Disappears

      The Mail app on my HD+ keeps disappearing. I have done an erase and re-register a few times and even gotten a replacement device and it still disappears.

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          Are you changing profiles?

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              Nope. Same profile. There doesn't seem to be a way to re-install this app without doing a complete erase and re-register and I am not going to put myself through that for the fifth time.

              Guy at a B&N store suggested K9 app which works well but doesn't seem to have a contact list so for me it's only good for reading and replying. For anything else I have to go to the Yahoo Mail site using the browser.

              I thought the problem might be that Android didn't like Yahoo Mail, so the third or fourth time I started from scratch I entered a gmail account as well as the Yahoo account and it took a couple weeks before the Mail App stopped working.

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                  I had this issue every time I set up a child profile. I deleted the child profile and have had no problems since.
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                    I think K9 Email App is your best bet.


                    1) From what I've heard/read it seems to be better than the in-built email app.


                    2) Have heard lots of reports of the in-built Contacts App failing to work with the Email App. which would make it the same as using Contacts App with K9.


                    Browser is a good option. Do you use the mobile site or the normal one?