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    Alex-Please Read

      Do you know if B&N is working on a fix for the battery drain problem with the Nook Tablet?  There have been a few of us who have posted regarding the problem.  My problem is that my battery drains in sleep mode, even with WiFi off.  I have done a hard reset three times and it seems to fix the issue for a day or two, and then it starts back in again.  I also exchanged my first nook tablet because of the issue, but it is the same on the second one, so I am assuming it is some kind of issue with apps continuing to run in the background even after exiting.  I am hoping there will be a fix for this, or maybe a task manager that will let us see what is running and a way to shut down the apps that we think we have exited that are still running.  I have a friend with a nook tablet and his is also doing this.  The only way to stop it from happening is to power off the tablet after every use...very annoying and frustrating having to wait for it to power back up again.  It is enough to make me want a different device, even though I love my tablet.  I had a nook color before this, with never an issue.  Also, I do have a 16 gb card in mine with books and movies on it.  Thank you for your response in advance!!

      Also, just to make sure you know, I'm not complaining...just hoping that B&N is aware of this and is working on it, as other than this, I love my Tablet...just as I loved my NC and my original Nook before that.:smileyhappy:

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          You can also add my name to those that are having the very same problem. Out of frustration I did a hard reset (unregister) last night for the first time and so far today it seems to be holding it's power. One of the reasons I upgraded from the NC to the NT in the first place was because of the promised longer battery life. Love the device but this power draining thing isn't impressing me at all.

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            Same problem since t he update. I di.d a full charge last night. The gbattery drained in sleep mode overnight
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              Thanks Alex...I'm looking forward to hearing back on this issue soon.  My battery also will drain from 100% in the morning, to the 70's % by noonish when I go to my lunch break.  I am hoping there will be a solution for this issue.

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                Thanks Alex for looking into this problem. Just an FYI I returned by NT for another one yesterday and you guessed it....the new one is also losing power while in the sleep mode.The clerk where I exchanged it said that she has had several returns because of the power draining problem. So the good news is that it's not just me. But the bad news is that it appears to be a problem with all NT. Sure hope a fix for this can be found soon....

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                  I just got a Nook Tablet today to replace my Nook Color.


                  I have updated it to the latest firmware (1.4.2). I hope that I don't have this issue. I loved the battery life of my Nook Color and I was really looking forward to the promised battery life increase of the Tablet.

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                    Any word yet Alex?  Can you please let us know as this is very frustrating.  Thank you!

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                      Well I see this morning that there is an "Your apps manager" app now available. It's 99 cents. It will allow you to kill an app that is running in the background among other things. But as usual no instructions on actually how to use the app. So here I go....Sure hope it helps solve my random battery drain issue.....

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                        I've been having the same battery drain issues.  I even took my tablet in and got a replacement, and have the same issues.  If I read an hour a night, I'm lucky if the battery lasts a week.  Recharged 2 days ago, and was down to 22% after an hour.  Please help, Alex.