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    Strange search behavior at BN.com

      I want to download audio books to my NOOK HD+.

      On the B&N home page, if I search for "audio books" (in All Products) and then click on MP3 audio books, I get over 35,000 hits. I can't figure out how to search within these items by author or title.My local store couldn't figure it out either.


      One of the first of the 35,000 items is "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn.  It is clearly available for download.
      If I search for "Gillian Flynn MP3" from the home page (in All Products), the search finds nothing.
      If I search for "Gillian Flynn downloadable" from the home page (in All Products) the search finds nothing.
      If I search for "Gillian Flynn audio book" from the home page (in All Products), the search finds Gone Girl in CD, but doesn't say that there is a downloadable version.
      If I search for "Gillian Flynn audiobook" [without the space between audio and book] the search finds both the downloadable and CD versions.

      This is weird behavior.  Three out of 5 reasonable search terms do not show up the downloadable MP3. 

      Is there any reliable way to find downloadable MP3 audio books by author and/or title?


      PS  I sent this query to BN support twice.  They sent me information on resetting passwords!

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          Firstly, it's a language thing.


          B&N probably thinks of it as 'audiobooks' or audioCDs'.


          So if you search for something that is different from the language they use, it won't show up.


          B&N doesn't have an 'intelligent' association that says - if user searches for downloadable books or downloadable mp3s, it probably means audiobooks.


          Secondly, I've found that the search is very erratic. Best bet is to go to the specific section i.e. http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s?SRT=SA&FMT=A1&store=BOOK&aref=1518


          And then use the categories on the left and the sorting criteria to look for books.


          Thirdly, try book name + audiobook OR author name + audiobook. That should work.

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            Strange behavior overall! I tried to purchase an e-book via B&N, that clearly stated it was compatible in Nook Tablet format. The book arrived on my NT, and it states not compatible with this device. Huh? I emailed B&N customer service, first got the auto-reply, then got a reply stating they are too busy to respond. Huh?  (I disputed the charge via my credit card, as I am not paying for what I did not receive.) This puts B&N either very busy (good) for the holiday shoppers, or in the same poor customer service category as the cable, phone, Microsoft, HP, tech companies that clearly do not want to offer human or rapid e-customer service. I love my NT, yet will probably not buy another. After one year, the wifi signal is slow and I have trouble connecting at both public wifi and via password wifi (I've posted about this before, outgoing servers are not playing nicely, esp. TWC roadrunner & legacy bell south. I went to B&N customer service store, before my NT was just one year old, and they offered to replace it with a refurbirshed, pre-owned NT (take on someone else's problems?).  I like B&N and very much want them to survive, yet do they care about their customers? I think they should sell off the NOOK e-reader and mini-tablet to those who know how to do it and then we can all buy something else next time. I had great hopes. Thank you for e-listening!