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    Nook tablet: Netflix error message 1006

      As of a few days ago, I can open the Netflix app on my Nook, see everything that I have just finished watching on the Wii or the iTouch or the computer, but as soon as I click on the show I want to stream it loads for a long time then gives me an error message 1006.

      I do not get this error message on any other device.

      I am not having internet access problems as  other devices in the house are connected and active when I get this message.

      I thought it would be as simple as shutting off the device completely and then restarting, but this does nothing. I thought maybe I could delete the Nook app and then reinstall it, but that doesn't seem to work either.

      One other issue, which may have something to do with it (?). When I go into settings and then under Apps I choose "Configure my Netflix account", it won't allow me. When I put in my username and password for Netflix, it won't recognize it.

      Has anyone else run into this issue? Does anyone else know how to solve it? My Nook tablet is going to be half-useless if I can't get it to stream videos on Netflix.



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          I solved my own problem! I went to Netflix customer support and they have error 1006 registered as an ISP problem. I changed the channel on my router and did a few other things to now avail. Then I got on the Nook helpline and erased and reregistered my device. Now Netflix appears to be working again. I still don't know what the problem was, but for now it is working.

          • 2. SOLVED: Netflix error message 1006

            I did this too with chat support and it worked.


            We first tried "resetting the programs". This was done by going to "Apps" and checking for updates. When that screen came up, I then held down the power button until the thing turned off (ignoring the prompt about powering off). This didn't work.


            Then, went on to deregister and re-register the device. This will delete any downloaded material or side loaded material you have (I alswo took out my microSD card per the IT support's recs), but not any of the books purchased through Nook. Went to Settings, then Device Info, then Deregister.


            Took about 5 mins top reset, afterwhich, re-registered, setup wifi, and then logged into Netflix.


            Problem solved.

            Thanks for the info.