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    nook screen problems

      I received my first and only Nook - the simple touch for my birthday Aug of last year...so it is only 8 months old...it has been pampered and babied because it took me a lot of begging to get it!  so much to my surprise and shock the screen has totally messed up!  There are lines up and down it, frozen with the screen saver and white outs in the upper right corner.  I have tried to start it up again by rebooting and no such luck.  I can see somewhat through the background to see enough to power it completely off but cannot read a thing!  I didn't know if anyone else has had this problem or what i need to do!  I had been using it the day before with no problems and it was in a cover.  So totally clueless!


      any help or suggestions appreciated!!



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          Your description sounds like a failed e-ink display. The unit is still under warranty.  Call customer support and they should  offer a replacement.


          Ask for Rapid Replacement and do not send in your current nook until you receive the replacement. If you send your old nook in before receiving a replacement BN or whoever handles depot repair for them seems to get confused and it could delay the delivery of your replacement.

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            I've gone through different problems with the Nooks--first the original, and then the NST.  If you have your product replaced, DO NOT let them send you a refurbished unit.  You purchased a new one, and if it's faulty, you should receive a new one.  The first Nook I had--although I treated it gently--cracked on the faceplate.  Later, I learned that was a common problem with that model.  They sent me a refurbished unit, which didn't last long.  It just quit on me.  Then, thanks to this forum, I was sent a Simple Touch, because they were out of the originals.  After six weeks, that unit froze up.  There is a thread about that in this forum also.  Instead of going through the phone calls and the hassle associated with that, I used the chat feature on the B&N site.  It was much easier, and more satisfactory.  At first, I was sent a new charger plug & cord, and when that didn't work, I was sent a new unit.  Hope this helps--Good Luck!!

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                i did call the 1-800 number and spoke with a person whose english was NOT their first language and thought oh boy here we go.  But after trying to explain what was wrong i eventually got an email stating i needed a replacement...and i was pleasantly surprised that i got to go to the local B&N to get it!


                Just got there today and in fact did get a brand new Nook simple Touch!  was disappointed to see that there is already a new simple touch with a glow light UGH oh well!  i am charging my new Nook as i write this.  i am hoping for good turnout!!


                thanks for all the help and comments!!