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    Amazon Sales

      I'm wondering does anyone else have miserable luck with Amazon. As bad as Nook is - Amazon for me is much, much worse. I've suspected that if an author does not go along with KDP Select that you're dead in the water. Now I have to admit I'm not stellar at the promotion game, but up until a few months ago it didn't seem to matter with Nook (not that I'm a best seller by any means but there were consistent sales). So what is everyone else's luck with Amazon? (I do not use an aggregator).


      Also FYI: I found the process of uploading to iBooks great - actual human beings ALWAYS answer the phone. However a month later my books don't even show up on the browse page of mysteries and thrillers - the explanation is something like - Apple randomly rotates what appears. So the only way to buy it there is if someone already knows what they are looking for. 



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          Yeah, my sales at Amazon are dismal. They used to be great. I don't know about KDP Select, because I simply refuse to have my books available at only 1 outlet. What I have noticed however is that even if I do a search for the exact title of my book, it won't come up until the 2nd or 3rd page. I think they do this purposely because of the mounds of crap people upload to KDP and call them books.

          No dealing with iBooks for me. I go through Smashwords.
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            Yep, my too. Sales there are dismal as well and I suspect that your comment about KDP is right.