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    Nook Color Charger @ Walmart

      As you can tell, I don't do much posting but thought I might share this with those who are interested.


      I've had my NC for almost two years and it's only been within the last 3-4 months that I've started having problems with the charger.  NC is out of warranty so I knew I was going to spend $25.00 for a new charger.  While I was at Walmart today, I checked in the electronics section to see if they could "possibly" have a charger and lo and behold there was ONE just waiting for me to buy at the price of $16.95!!  And yes, it was a Nook Color/Tablet charger!!  [I had checked the Walmart website before and didn't find it so maybe they've just started carrying it].  Anyway, the charger was at my local Walmart Super Center so for a savings of $8.00 you might want to check there also if you're in need of a charger. 


      I just checked and my NC has charged 10% in about 20 minutes.  I'm so happy I could cry!!!