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    confirmation e mails

      I used to get a confirmation e mail after each NOOKbook purchase, whether there was a charge or the book was free.

      The last of these confirmations that I received was on February 6th. I liked getting them because this was how I checked my purchases against my credit card bill.

      Does anyone else still receive these confirmations, or has B&N stopped sending them out?

      All the books are listed in my library here on B&N site and are also in my NOOK, but I can't tell from the library what I paid for the NOOKbook, only what the current price is now.

      I really didn't want to have to keep a log of my purchases. The email confirmations were so darn convenient for me!

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          I still get them.  You may want to check your spam/junk folder.

          I've set mine up to go to my ebook folder so I don't see them in my main inbox, maybe you did that and forgot?

          Did you change your email address with bn.com or your email settings?

          Just throwing out ideas.  Hope you get it worked out.

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            If you go to your account, you should see your entire order history, including free books.

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              I don't think that they are sending confirmation emails for free books anymore.  At least I haven't been getting them.  I have only been getting emails for ebooks that I have purchased since the Christmas backlog occured.

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                  I noticed that getting the email confirmations was becoming hit-or-miss.  Sometimes I got them - sometimes not.  So, I went back to look at the more recent ones, and the last one I got for a free nookbook was on 2/3/11.  All others after that have only been for books I actually had to pay for with either the credit card or gift card.


                  Although it may not be as convenient, I do all my ordering from my computer instead of the Nook, and after the purchase there is a link to print your receipt.  I do that, and use that to reconcile my credit card statement.  Of course, the free nookbooks never hit the credit card statement anyway. 

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                      I created a special folder for the confirmation emails.  Now, it seems I get next to none, free or payment books.  I don't want to go to the trouble of printing the receipts.  Since it has been this way for about two months, I guess I've just gotten used to it, and rely on my B&N.