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    Shop option on Nook

      I have not been able to shop on my nook for 2 weeks now. I just called the help line and was told that in order to fix the problem they would have  to erase everything on my nook...Slimmed I could recover books purchased, but I would lose my wish list. This is not acceptable...especially since this is a system problem rather than a problem with my nook. I should mention that I can access the shopping option if I'm in their store...Convenient for them, but not for me. Anyone else having this problem? Suggestions as to how it was solved would be appreciated.

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          It seems that this is a common problem.


          It also seems that the help line is somewhat clueless. They always offer this solution for EVERYTHINg. Every single problem people have reported that CS suggests 'erasing the Nook'.


          Yes, it might solve your issue. However, I don't think it's the best solution.


          Could you provide some more detail on what happens when you try to connect to shop?


          Also, if it works in their store, then it has absolutely nothing to do with your device. How could your device's Shop work in store if it were broken. So it must be something with their servers or related to WiFi.


          Provide some details and I'll try to help. I have no idea whether it will work or not. I think it might even be a server issue at B&N that goes away with time.

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              When I go to "shop" it looks like it is going to load and then just goes back to the home page. All other options (the daily, my library, etc.) work. It is very frustrating! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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                  The first thing to try is to turn off your wi-fi on the nook, totally shut down the nook and restart it. Then turn on wi-fi and try the shop button again. You may also want to clear your web page cache under settings - applications -browser.


                  If none of the above work, you can shop for books, magazines and apps through the B & N web page on your tablet; once you tap "buy", it will ask you for your password, and the item will download to your library. 

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                    If this is a FIRST EDITION Nook, try reading the half-dozen "shop" threads IN the 1st Edition forums... I'm in a hurry so I'm not going to repeat comments I've done at least three times already -- short summary; about a 3rd of the complainants have managed to restore shop function by visiting a B&N store and doing some power cycling operations WHILE IN-STORE.