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    Low WIFI signal strength

      I have a refurbished Nook Color I bought via Walmart.  I have been experiencing issues with mine connection to my home WiFi.  If I am standing right next to my router it says Fair Signal Strength, if I sit on my couch which is probably 5 feet from my router it says Poor if it connects at all.  I have a fairly small house with two levels.  I can connect to my WiFi anywhere in or even outside my house with my HTC Incredible(Android phone), with great signal strength. 


      I am useing a Linksys router.  I have read that changeing settings may help on the router.  I have changed almost everything that I can think of and nothing helps this.  I have narrowed it down to the NC.  Is there anything I have missed?  Is this a common issue with the NC's?  Just the luck of the draw?