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    Error 1025 - Ubuntu 12.04LTS, WINE 1.5.26, Firefox 19.02 - HELP please.

      I'm running Nook for PC under Wine in Linux, and was forced to purchase a new book today for school.  It wouldn't sync right with my PC (I got it into my NT OK - had to log out and log in) and after logging out on my PC, cannot log back in - with the infamous sign in error 1025.


      I use Firefox 19.02, Ubuntu 12.04LTS (just upgraded two weeks ago), Gnome "classic", Wine 1.5.26, and haven't found a solution to the 1025 error (if I could figure out how to change the cookie settings in Firefox, I'd do so - running Ubuntu and WINE, I don't use Internet Explorer AT ALL).


      I've figured out a work-around - I downloaded the book and opened it in Nook for PC.  I'm pretty pissed at B&N right now... been angry every since I learned that the NT has the circuitry for GPS, bluetooth, and compass, but they're disabled in the kernel (and sideloading apps was taken away).  Why not have these books so we can open them with other readers?  Not everyone uses windows - some of us have legitimate reasons for NOT running it.


      I have no problems logging in direct through my browser (obviously).  I just can't log in through Nook for PC.


      (Suggestion: Port it to Linux!!!)


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          I didn't realize Linux was compatible with Nook for PC. When did that happen? It's not listed as an option on the product page.

          Also, I'm confused about what you are actually having problems with. In different parts of your post you say you can and can't open it. Are you trying to open it in Nook for PC or read in the browser?
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              kamas716 wrote:
              I didn't realize Linux was compatible with Nook for PC. When did that happen?


              The OP is running a Windows emulation layer under Linux and attempting to run NOOK for PC there.


              RedHeartFL, it probably won't do any good, but I'd be sure to raise hell with your school for mandating the use of closed proprietary formats (actually DRM). Does your school mandate the use of Mac or Windows devices? If they officially support Linux, you should get together with your local LUG and raise a stink.


              As to why NOOK for PC will open a downloaded book, but is unable to sync under Wine, hopefully someone from B&N will investigate, but I doubt it. At least you have a solution for reading, correct?


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                  Yes, I'm able to read the book after going through a bunch of nonsense.  I'm pretty pissed about the whole thing... I've had to spend money on books that I shouldn't have, because the DRM system at the school is broken - you can only check out up to 60 pages at a time, for a set number of days, and only one person at a time can check them out (and it just doesn't work right). 


                  When you have to review a book, you need the whole thing at one time for a week or two - usually two.  When you've got a few students in the class doing reviews of the same book due the same time - it's a headache.


                  Then this problem with Nook for PC (which should work fine in WINE) happened.  I do NOT want to read these books on my NT (which I dislike, but use for downloaded journal articles to save money).  I need them on one screen so I can read and make notes on the other.


                  Today I learned I'm going to have to buy another book. Fun.  Let's see if I have to go through the same rigamarole again.


                  The school officially only supports Windoze and Mac.  Microsoft came in and offered "free" software and low prices if they'd specifically stop supporting any versions of Linux - which created all sorts of problems in several departments because we use it for scientific applications (main reason I use it).  The IT people aren't happy about it - several use Linux on their personal machines (not the phone-answering kids, most of whom haven't even heard of Linux).  The last time I talked with the more savvy ones, they said that the new anti-piracy security stuff they're having to deal with is creating massive headaches for them... there is a lot of work that they're no longer permitted to do by Microsoft.


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                We had this issue on our Ubuntu machine, but our Windows machine was fine.


                Btw, the first time we installed nook for PC under WINE on Ubuntu 12.10 it worked just fine from the start, but after reloading the OS and re-installing nook for PC, restoring our nook books from backup, and allowing all cookies on all browsers (but no IE on Linux), we still got the useless 1025 "technical issues" error message.


                To solve it, we poked around in the backed up .wine folder (in the /home/{username} directory -- be sure to choose 'show hidden files' to be able to see it), and copied over from backup to the new installation's .wine folder the following files:


                1. /home/{username}/.wine/drive_c/users/{username}/Application Data/Barnes & Noble/BNDesktopReader/ - both the /Cached Images/ folder and the ClientAPI.db (the ClientAPI.db file is probably the only one needed)

                2. /home/{username}/.wine/drive_c/users/{username}/Cookies/index.dat.

                We also poked around in the /Local Settings/ folder under .wine/drive_c and the /Windows/ folder as well, but didn't find anything that looked helpful.


                After restoring the above files from the backup and praying for it work, voila, it worked and we were already logged into the system and our books were all there.


                So, perhaps installing nook for PC on a Windows machine temporarily, logging in successfully, and then copying those two files from the Windows machine to your Ubuntu machine's equivalent folders in the /home/{username}/.wine/ folder might get it working for you under WINE on Ubuntu.


                When companies don't write real software and choose to use Flash (like ADE) or other proprietary or non-standard programming tools it limits their useability and in the long-run hurts their profits, especially when coupled with having a closed DRM which doesn't work w/ ADE and can't be ported onto other e-readers (which could also be solved if one could authorize a device via nook for PC (like ADE) which currently can't be done - the books can be sent to any device, but not opened b/c of the closed DRM). When Amazon has over 50% of the global market share, it's not because B&N has inferior books or prices or products, it's b/c they have a closed DRM which won't work with ADE, so it cuts out anyone using an e-reader other than nook. If B&N's DRM worked w/ ADE, then they'd be making more money b/c those who have e-readers other than nook or Kindle (most of the world outside the US, according to current stats) would buy from B&N, a good company. But, we're not in charge and no one asked us, so things stay proprietary...lol! :smileywink:

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                  I know this is a problem posted a year ago but I had the same issue just this month. Nook works with wine 1.4. What you can do is just install PlayonLinux which lets you install different versions of wine and configure applications to choose the wine version that you want to run on.


                  May the Lord bless!


                  bravos indios

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                    Nook for PC can be installed using Play on Linux, it has to be installed in a 32 bit playonlinux wineprefix using wine 1.4.1. Remember google is your friend some of the time.