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    Any Nook versions of apps better than Google Play versions?

      There are several apps I use on my iPod Touch that I want to use on my Nook as well.  I see that there are Nook Store versions and Play Store versions of apps like Evernote and Pandora and that they can't be installed simultaneously.  Are there any good reasons to choose the Nook-specific versions?

      My basic guess on the difference between the Nook and Play versions would be that the Nook versions would be better optimized for Nook but that they probably aren't kept as up-to-date in features as the regular Android versions given that this requires the developers to spend money on keeping them up-to-date and the install base is probably smaller on the Nook versions than for the general Android versions of these apps, so those probably get prioritized.  I could definitely be wrong, so if there are any compelling reasons to choose the Nook versions on any apps that have Play versions that anyone knows of please let me know... Thank you!