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    Best method to encode videos for the NT?

      I tried to encode a 640x480 video to the NT 1024x600 screen size. Unfortunately the NT filled the screen and the resolution doesn't look right. Anyone know how to encode or display their videos so black bars appear if the ratio isn't right? 



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          I think the problem is that you need to maintain the aspect ratio, the height and width of your clip, and let the tablet scale it down for you. 


          For a 640/480 clip, the aspect ratio is 1.3 ;  1024/600 has a ratio of 1.7 so transforming directly to the latter will change the geometry of the clip.


          You might try 1280/960 for a short conversion from just to see if it looks right. 


          I'd also try just dropping the 640/480 material on to see if the NT will look at it and blow it up to fit. 

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            I'm a fan of HandBrake, but after reading rave reviews here, I purchased DVD Catalyst while on sale for $10. I'm very impressed. Among the options it provides is that ability to eliminate black bars by zooming in to fill the screen vertically. This does result in loss of picture at the left and right edges, of course. It's similar to the pan and scan technique used to show widescreen movies on TV, though not as bad. DVD Catalyst provides three levels to give you some control over it. I have not experimented with eliminating 4:3 black bars at the side, however.


            If you're able to load 3rd party apps, the MovieGallery app by the same publisher as DVD Catalyst goes one better. You can be viewing a widescreen movie with black bars, and selectively push a zoom button that provides essentially the same effect on the fly. This has the advantage of providing the full widescreen movie as the director intended, but lets you zoom in if you want.


            I think you're going to face a different set of problems with the narrow screen format of your 640x480 video, however. If you zoom horizontally, you'll cut off the top and bottom of the image, which may not be acceptable. You're also likely to get visual "pixelization" artifacts from enlarging the video. If at all possible, I'd try MovieGallery's zoom feature first before spending a lot of time transcoding the original.

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                Just for kicks and giggles I downloaded the app. I applied it to my 640x382 (yeah...weird eh?) video.  I applied the standard Nook Tablet HD mode and encoded it at 1650kbps. The result?  same rez (no change) and no bars. I guess I will have to tinker with the settings to get the bars (no bars before or after) as while I think the ratio stays the same it blows up on the screen and is blurry and out of focus. My goal is to keep it the same size and have the black bars while viewing it on the NT.

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                    I use Catalyst and it doesn't produce the black bars as part of the file itself.  Instead, it produces an MP4 video at the size best scaled to the desired device.  You can verify this by opening the MP4 on your desktop or laptop using QuickTime.  It sounds to me like your media player is arbitrarily losing the aspect ratio to fill your screen?


                    I have opened two different movies I did with Catalyst.  One, produced for TV, has black vertical bars on either side of the picture when I hold the NT in landscape.  The other, produced for Cinerama theater, has black horizontal bars at top and bottom of the picture when I hold the NT in landscape.


                    I think I burned both movies from DVD using the Nook Tablet HD mode -- can't check the native file resolutions just now.