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    Free Books That are NOT Free... and Getting Refunds...

      I just want to share my experience - in case it can help others.


      On Feb 8, I "purchased" a book that was supposed to be free.  But I was charged.  And it didn't confirm that it was charging my card before charging me.  It just told me, after the fact, in the order summary.


      So I called BN - and I think I chose the option regarding an existing order - checking the status and then chose to speak to a representative.


      Anyway, they told me they would issue the refund and asked me to delete the book.  So I did.  They said it should take up to 5 business days to see the refund.


      I forgot to check back.


      But then today I ordered another supposedly "free" book (Gray Matter - the book sumary page actually said it was free when I tried to order it).  Anyway, they charged me $9.99 - again no notice up-front - only in the order summary.


      So I called again.  The first person I spoke to was having difficulty figuring out what to do, but she did transfer me to digital support.


      I spoke with them, explained the situation, and they said they are issuing a refund for the new book I just "purchased". 


      Then I asked on the status of the other (because I had checked and not received a refund).  They said there was no request showing on my account!!  But they put in a new request for refund.


      So - I will have to wait a few days to see if they show up.  But if they do, I will have to conclude that (at least based on my experience) digital support is the way to go when requesting refunds for nookbooks that are supposed to be free but aren't - not just "checking on an order".


      Yes, I realize it could just be the specific CS person I got and that another digital support person may not be as thorough or helpful.  Or that a different "regular" CS person might be helpful enough.  But with 2 tries, 2 different "regular" CS people - neither was really able to solve the issue for me.


      And it's also a reminder to be sure and follow-up with these issues! 



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          Whenever I have had to request a refund for an ebook, I have gone straight to digital support....And remember, if you need help...even when dealing with digital support, you can go into your nearest BN store and they can also call in for you.

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              I just had the same issue with the book 'Gray Matter'. Showed free everywhere and then suddenly there is the confirmation with a nice price attached to it. It took quite a long time on the phone and the questions I answered to explain such a simple thing. The same questions three or four different ways. Kind of like being on trial. Lol. I am getting a refund and they were quite nice about it. I have to check back with them tomorrow, though. Not looking forward to another long phone call. My days are busy enough. Oh well,
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              I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue...


              This morning I went to download Highest Stakes--I had clicked on it last night, so the product page was still open, and it still reflected a price of $0.00. I clicked on Buy Now. Rather than confirming the price, it took me straight to the "thank you" page, where I was told I had been charged $7.99! I looked on Doug's list, and yep, he had posted that it was no longer free 4 hours previously. I didn't want the book enough to justify paying $7.99 for it, so I called CS.


              CS seems to not realize that other books than the Free Friday selections are available for free!! I described the situation to the person on the line. She said that it was "very unlikely" for a book that had been free to suddenly go up to $7.99 without warning, unless it was a Free Friday selection, which of course it was not. The implication being that it never should have been free and there's no reason why I should have thought that. She said that they are beginning an "investigation" into this situation, and that I need to call back in a WEEK to find out whether I can get my money back. So frustrating! Any advice?

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                  If you had the page open all night it probably had not refreshed.  I would recommend refreshing a page if you leave it open all night.  If you had done that in this instance you would have seen the price had changed from 0.00 to 7.99.

                  I hope you get a refund, it was an honest mistake, especially if the confirmation pop-up did not show a price.

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                    Liz -  I would call back right away.  Ask for digital support (not regular cs).  Although in either category, I'm sure it may vary by individual as to how helpful they are.


                    They should be able to handle it on the phone right then.


                    I have had issues where I go right to the thank-you page (when the main page does say $0) and it says I was charged.


                    I have had those issues reversed - and the person I spoke with was aware there are other free books.


                    It may take awhile, but they have been able to handle it there, and tell me my refund is coming (it does take a few days for that to hit your account - so be sure to follow-up and see that it does).