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    free nst deal

      From 3\24 thru 3\31 buy a nook HD + get a nook st free
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          This is crazy. For people who are looking for a Tablet and an eReader this is sweet.

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            I saw this free NST offer on a couple of the news sites and Sunday morning ordered the set.  Then went looking for the HD+ support forum to see if this model had any problems.  That was an eye-opener.  I was really hoping BN had their act together by now.  In 2010, I got my NC and followed these forums closely, learning a lot of answers to a lot of problems.  I learned to love the thing, but I'm left with the feeling that if a common cell phone had all these problems, they would never have become popular.  Oh well, maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

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                The NST will make the deal worthwhile. :smileyhappy: Give it a fair chance. You'll mostly see problems reported here. While I have my gripes about B&N, they do make nice devices. Don't let anybody spoil your honeymoon. Later, if you have issues, some smart folks should be able to help make it do what you want.