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    Charger question


      I am traveling in my RV. Currently near Carlsbad, NM.  I think my charger is not working properly.  I left my Nook Tablet plugged in for 4 hours and it was only 44% charged. So I plugged it back in and left overnight.  The Tablet charged, but the Nook symbol on the cord never turned green. I am still under warranty. I am not near any B&N and we are traveling, so I don't want to have to wait for B&N to ship a new one. There is a B&N College bookstore near here. Can they get me a new charger?  I tried calling but have not gotten an answer yet.  I will call them again later, but thought I would post the question here. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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          Are you using a car charger to do this or are you actually plugging it into a wall outlet (if you stop at night)?  Using the nook cable is the right thing to do if you are using a car charger, but you need to use a car charger that puts out the correct current.  There are chargers that put out about 2.1 amps to charge things like tablets.  These are different than the standard car chargers for phones that only put out less than about an amp.  I believe the standard (lower current) chargers will charge the NT, but it will take longer to do it.