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    Features of CM7 on sd disk for Nook Color?

      My daughter and I share a Nook Color. Recently she had become disappointed because almost every app we see advertised on the net, tv and so isn't available on the Nook Market. So I made a bootable CM7 SD disk. It works great. I've downloaded the apps from Google Play and etc.


      But I want to know what else can I now do? How do I add videos to the CM7 SD disk so that I can watch them using cm7. Is mp4 the only file types of videos I can watch (i ask because someone briefly mentioned on the net of an app that extends the files types of videos you can watch). I know where I can place them on the actual Nook Color OS but curious about placement on CM7 side of it. I guess that I also want to know how to place music files and such.


      I had used a 16gb micro disk for this but once I installed the CM7 and such to make the bootable CM7 disk it shows I don't have very much space at all. Is there something I need to do to unlock the actual space I should have so I can download more things or at least add more than one video and such? 


      I tried doing various searches on the actual discussions of the features but I mainly get the "how to install', ''what to install', and so for making a CM7 bootable disk.

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          You're probably seeing only the boot partition which is less than 200MB.  To see your actual Android space and transfer files to it you need to boot into CM7 and connect your Nook to your computer with the power/usb cable.  You should see a notification pop up on your Nook (if it doesn't you can manually check your notifications), which will have a button to enable USB.  Tap that and confirm it on the next page. 


          Two new drives should show up on your computer, one will be your Nook's internal storage and one will be the CM7 storage on your SDcard.  Now it's just down to drag n drop.


          The VLC media player will play almost anything, get it at the Play Store.

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            I haven't  used CM7 in a long time, so i'm sure some experts will be along shortly.


            AS for your space,  when you formatted the uSD you should have expanded one of the partitions...so depending on what you are told by more experienced minds, you may have to reformat your uSD and start over.  (I had to do this several times.  it gets easier)


            CM7 will allow you to see videos stored in stock, as well as pictures, documents, and sideloaded books.  Open your gallery and you should see your pics and vids.