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    my nook still wont connect to wifi

      its been several hours and i still can not get my nook to connect to wifi .i mean really how long is it gonna be like this makes me annoyed

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          Did you reboot?

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            After doing all the usual song and dance of rebooting, button pushing, calling customer support, and turning off and on the modems and routers; what seems to finally work for my Nook Tablet is a hard reset.

            Push and hold both power and home buttons at the same time until you see the reset or continue option on your screen. Push the home button; n, and let the tablet wipe all previous data.  Then re-register the tablet.


                 Download any past purchases and turn off the wifi on the tablet when you are done. 

               I believe going on certain web sites may affect the tablet after a reboot. 


             I was wondering if there is an anti-virus or internet security for Nook?