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      I just purchased my Nook Tablet. Every time I open Netflix it gives an error message, for example "Netflix app is not up to date." So I open the app store, check for updates and everythings up to date. Reopen Netflix and another error message pops up "There is an error connecting to Netflix (13001) Please try again later." I have a full wifi connection, I pay for a Netflix account which I was only able to sign into once from my new Nook Tablet. What do I do????

      Got it to connect once for the entire screen to go black, then the Nook shut down and it took a "soft reset" to actually get it to turn on again.

      Getting the feeling I shouldnt have fallen for the "deal" on "last years model" as the clerk put it.

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          Q: how did you check for updates?


          Try the following:


          1) Go to the Apps Page. The page in your library that shows all apps you have.


          2) At the top right click on 'Check for Updates'. It'll be a blue text link.


          3) Wait 1-2 minutes while it checks.


          4) You'll get a dialog that shows you available updates. Click on Update next to Netflix.


          5) Restart your Nook.


          Power off: Press and hold power button for 20 seconds.

          Power On: Press and hold power button for 4 seconds.


          Also, if by any chance you went to settings and tried to register netflix through there, don't do that. You should log in only via the NEtflix app itself.