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    Questions about linking in side books.

      The TOS and FAQs state in one place you can link and in the other you can't.


      1. Can I link to my other nook books being sold?

      2. Can I link to my website where I sell other products that are not books?


      Anyone know the answer to these questions?

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          Sure you can. If you have an About the Author/Other Titles by bla-bla-bla page at the end/beginning of your book you can add in links to those things. But be sure that the links to buy your other books are from the same venue. Nook links on a nook and kindle links on a kindle. Also, you'll want to clean up the link from this: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/jealousys-rage-melissa-a-smith/1107046730 to this: Jealousy's Rage : book 1 of Pandora's Elite It looks better and more professional to see a link that's been cleaned up rather than a plain link to the page.





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              Generally I just use a link to a page on my server that then redirects to the page where the book is sold in this case Barns and Noble. That way  I can include the links when published and set the rediect after I know the URL.


              Do you happen to know if that's allowed?

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                  One quick thing to note is that most Nook's(or all of them, I'm unsure there) are coded so that you can't click links to websites while reading the eBook.  So you aren't going to see a lot of click-thru for that kind of thing.


                  I believe you can still click links fine on the Nook for PC program(whatever it's called, I don't even know), or anything that's not on an actual Nook, but as far as I'm aware most Nook's don't allow you to actually use links to outside sources(anything outside the eBook).


                  You can put them in your book, but the person reading it won't be able to click them to go anywhere.


                  (Quick edit) Saying that, I link to everything anyways, because there's no reason not to.  Even if they can't click the stuff, I still have a neat little bibliography, etc.