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    David Carnoy made you a video

      Or "the RAM reduction was way overblown".




      Expand the review and click on the video where he does some side-by-side tests of a 16GB vs. an 8GB NOOK Tablet. Yes there is a difference in loading times, but it isn't as deastic as everyone on here seemed to be screaming last week.

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          There is almost no difference in application loading times. I remember seeing another video on CNET where they opened the same app on each version of the Nook tablet and it was under a second difference in load times.


          The only really big bummer that I personally see with the 8GB model is that you get less than 2GB for marketplace content. That honestly could fill up fast. Some games use up to 300MB alone. Just wouldn't make much sense to get the 8GB model if you plan to use the marketplace a lot.


          Great video though. Thanks for sharing it.

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            So why would anybody buy the more expensive 16 GB version?

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                Well, remember it was said there's almost no difference. That does not mean there is no difference. And, just like any computer, more memory does mean more that can be running at once. Since android is not great at stopping processes that are running when you finish using something, it's not great always at freeing up memory. You may as well ask why someone would want a 24mp camera vs a 12mp one, or a pc with more ram. You know the answer. But, there is a market for those that can live with "almost".