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    N2E Refurb $99 offered on bn.com!

      I searched, but couldn't find any threads talking about this.  Buy an ad-free N2E for only $99 - as in the same price as the ad-filled Kindle Touch wifi.




      Granted, it's a refurb, but that seems like a pretty great price!  Has this been around for so long that it's not worth discussing, or is it so new that no one's noticed it?  Has anyone bought a N2E refurb from B&N?  Are you happy with it?


      Having this option makes me nervous.  I love my N1E, but have wanted the N2E since first hearing of it, and that desire has only grown with my numerous stops at local B&Ns to check it out, "one more time."  I can't really justify a new Nook, since there's nothing wrong with my N1E (except it's comparatively heavy and huge, and doesn't have a nice touch screen).  But at $99...Except with the new Kindles shipping soon, will B&N offer something different as well?  (E.g. ad version, lower price point)  I do use the 3G on my N1E a lot - in fact, I never use Wifi and rarely find myself in a hotspot.  Near, yes, but in, no.  Of course Starbucks is probaby 100 feet from my workplace and B&N is a block away, but it is better to not have to go out of my way.  I guess I'm spoiled :-) B&N, you made me that way!

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          So now we know what they're doing with all the N2Es that were returned for having bad batteries and touch screen freezes, LOL.


          I can't imagine the refurbs are much different from the new N2Es as the device is only a few months old.  All the hardware is the same.  Since there were so many with bad batteries that just needed the battery swapped out I'd bet the odds are good of getting a device that has only had the battery changed and nothing else has been done to it.  If I didn't already have an N2E I'd definitely buy one of these.


          As for the wifi v 3G, it sounds like 3G is important to you, so this might not be the device for you.  It's a great device though, so... maybe you'll decide that a quick walk down to starbucks for a coffee and a book download might be worth it.  :smileyhappy:

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              How does the N2E stand up to normal use and abuse?  I bought the extended warranty for the N1E because of bad experiences with CD players back in the day (I used those warranties over and over).  My N1E has stood up extremely well, despite my clumsy self and messy purse.  If I buy it for $99, I'm not going to add on the extra warranty (nor do I think that is an option).

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              Its now down to $79.00.