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    Downloading my newspaper

      Can't find a way to search just this board so apologize if this is repeat. What's the deal on not being able to download the newspaper that appears each day (Wall Street Journal).  When I try to click on it, I get all of these false starts and it often never downloads so I have to trot off to the train without my newspaper. I emailed B&N but haven't heard.  WIFI connection is excellent.

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          Has it ever downloaded?  I know if you don't have a credit card associated with  your account it won't download.

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            I have the same problem with the NY Times. False starts, then no download. I actually emailed tech support 3 times and never received a response. Usually I can download the paper later in the day, which doesn't help. Often the paper hasn't even been e-delivered by the time I head out to the train. This I simply cannot understand. The Times people can get hard-copy papers to every little deli and newstand in New York before 6am but not the electronic version? I suspect the B&N people are more to blame.


            Sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I rant with you in solidarity.