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        I'm surprised you (B&N anyway) doesn't already know what we are reading.  I mean isn't that a great feature of the device?  It would take very little effort to track nook purchases or even to correlate all ebook sales by nook owners  The data available would be interesting.  It might even make a nice daily feature.  Top 10 nook books  or "What You Are Reading"



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          Hi Kevin:

          I've read 9 Dragons, Pursuit of Honor, and am now reading True Blue.

          For the most part, I am enjoying my nook. At times it seems sluggish and it doesn't always open to my last read page of a book so I have to try and remember what chapter I was on. I now set bookmarks.


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            FANTASY books!


            Just finished The Riven Kingdom (book 2) by Karen Miller. Now reading Hammer of God (book 3). Both books were purchased from Fictionwise and side-loaded to my nook.


            Other books purchased from Fictionwise and waiting to be read next:

            • Eagle-Sage (book 3), by David B. Coe ( I couldn't find this in print any more when I finished the first two books, so I'm happy to find it in ebook format)
            • The Prodgal Mage, by Karen Miller

            I have only downloaded free books from B&N so far, but have received a gift card for Christmas, so I'll have to keep an eye out for some good ebooks.


            After the update, my nook is working much better.



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              I haven't started "eReading" yet as my nook ships in January and I don't really have in interest in reading on the computer screen. I got a free copy of Wi'tchfire after seeing so many of you reading it and I didn't know how long it would be free and knew if i waited and it was no longer free I would kick myself. I've also started a wishlist for ebooks to get once my nook arives including Orcs, Daemon, and Under The Dome. I haven't read a Stephen King book in a while but that one peaks my interest. I also recieved a few DTBs(dead tree books)(Ender in Exile, Hunger Games\Catching Fire and the updated Deluxe Version of Brisingr(I read the regular version before i found out there was going to be an extended version and now I need to read the whole thing again!)) for chirstmas so I will have to make a point to read those too and not just my nook when it finnaly arrives.


              all links are to ebooks even if i said mine were DTBs Catching Fire isn't yet in ebook but you can get a DTB version here

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                I am running through the Outlander series, once again, this time on my nook, and I also bought Ted Kennedy's book, also Hot, Flat and Crowded, Julia and Julie, the Help and Lord knows how many I have put to my wish list.  Would love to read the magazines I bought while at B&N today.....

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                  As stated elsewhere, I am enjoying my Nook, despite the hiccups.  That said, I still go on to Amazon to find books I want.  Their reviews are better (more of them), the site is easier to navigate and I love the suggested reading.  I go on there, and then order through my Nook.  Perhaps B&N could steal some ideas, because as far as just browsing for a book, Amazon still has it going on.

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                    I am reading my free Little Women which I first read when I was 13 and is coincidentally my book club book of the month.  I love it just as much as I did then with a lot more maternal insights!


                    I have "shopped" and added some books to my ewish list, very cool!


                    I love Marks suggestion about "what you are reading" as a daily!!

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                      I've been using my new Nook for less than an hour and I just purchased my first eBook:  Shutter Island by Dennis Lahane.  Couldn't have been easier and I was reading the book within seconds!  I am in LOVE with this Nook.  Suh-weet!:smileyvery-happy:

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                        "A Winter Haunting" by Dan Simmons.  I wanted my first ebook purchase to be "Ghost Story" by Peter Straub but it is not yet available as an ebook. 





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                          My first eBook from B&N is The House at Riverton by Kate Morton. I've read two of her other books and enjoyed them immensely.  In her cinematic debut novel, Kate Morton immerses readers in the dramas of the Ashbury family at their crumbling English country estate in the years surrounding World War I, an age when Edwardian civility, shaken by war, unravels into the roaring Twenties. Grace came to serve in the house as a girl. She left as a young woman, after the presumed suicide of a famous young poet at the property's lake. Though she has dutifully kept the family's secrets for decades, memories flood back in the twilight of her life when a young filmmaker comes calling with questions about how the poet really died--and why the Ashbury sisters never again spoke to each other afterward. With beautifully crafted prose, Morton methodically reveals how passion and fate transpired that night at the lake, with truly shocking results. Her final revelation at the story's close packs a satisfying (and not overly sentimental) emotional punch.


                          I'm already over 100 pages into it and love it!


                          I may next download New York by Edward Rutherfurd even though I got the hardback for Christmas!!

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                            Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston - and I still think the guy was an idiot.  Most of his stories of adventure are dangerous because he makes them so, and while being athletic and strong, he seems to be poorly verse on fundamentals of outdoor travel in general. 

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                              I'm reading Andre Agassi's autobiography "Open."  I find it interesting, but would mostly recommend it to those who are interested in tennis.  I previously read I, Alex Cross on my nook, but don't recommend it. Patterson has gotten lazy and his recent books have overly simplistic endings.  We just downloaded Alice Munroe's "Too Much Happiness."

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                                House of Seven Gables.  Ponderous so far.

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                                  I'm reading Lorelei James' Rough Riders series.  She's a great author who has a way with cowboys.  :smileywink:

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                                    Oh Boy, I see the third Stieg Larsson book is coming out in May.  So far, only hardcover.  I will be waiting for the ebook!

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