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        Just finished A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore.  I love his sense of humor!  After finishing, I immediately added all his books to my eBook wish list.  Currently, I'm reading Master of the Five Magics by Lyndon Hardy.

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          puddinpaws wrote:

          ADVICE PLEASE:


          What should I read next?   i just finished New Moon. Should I read the next one, Eclipse or something else and come back to them. LikeThe Lost Symbol?


          Please advise.



          John (Former Kindle 1 owner)



          I ws ok with the Twilight series for what it is through Eclipse.  That was probably my favorite out of them.  I would advise extreme caution when you get to Breaking Dawn though...I literally threw the book across the room more than once while reading that.  :smileysad:


          Sorry, i don't know anything about The Lost Symbol to help there.

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            can someone tell me where to find more free ebooks. when i click the B&N free ebook link it all seems to be no good personally. i was hoping for more of the classics.

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              Well I am currently reading (on my ipod with B&N e-reader app.) "Silent Partner", by the ex-wife of Jim McGreevy ,the former N.J. Gov. who left her for a man (or maybe she left him?).  I stopped reading "Celebrity Detox" by Rosie O'Donnell, although I'll get back to it, eventually (Rosie is very, um, verbose and scattered).

              I have "Deep End of the Ocean" waiting in the wings (Somehow never read it when it first came out).  I finished "Eclipse" from the Twilight series recently.  It was o.k., but I don't think I'll read any more from that series.  Oh and I also have "Unsweetined" waiting.  It's by Jody Sweetin from the show Full House.  I read the first sample chapter and it sounds like she's led quite a life.

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                I have read Help, Have a little faith, Noah's compass, Dear John and the last song. Help was my favorite!!

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                  I am currently reading The Snow Queen by Mercedes Lackey.  As she is one of my favorite fantasy authors, I am very much enjoying this book.  My sole complaint is actually an ebook issue.  Sections at the end of a chapter are missing, usually mid sentence.  Thinking it was a nook issue, I opened it up using my pc and the same thing is happening.


                  Just a word to the warning, still a great book but I am sure missing sections of a book will understandably upset anyone.  :smileywink:


                  I just finished reading the Queen of the Orcs series.  The first was available for free and I bought the rest of the trilogy.  I recommend that series as well.  =)

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                    nookynooky wrote:

                    As stated elsewhere, I am enjoying my Nook, despite the hiccups.  That said, I still go on to Amazon to find books I want.  Their reviews are better (more of them), the site is easier to navigate and I love the suggested reading.  I go on there, and then order through my Nook.  Perhaps B&N could steal some ideas, because as far as just browsing for a book, Amazon still has it going on.


                    Have to agree 100% with this. 


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                      I'm reading my first book on my Nook--The Book Thief.  Next up will be A. S. Byatt's The Children's Book.  In paper books I'm reading Three Cups of Tea and Julie& Julia. 


                      I've been downloading lots of samples from books--what a great feature!


                      At first reading on the Nook was a little distracting, but now I am loving it.  My husband couldn't have given me a better Christmas gift.

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                        I'm reading the Sookie Stackhouse series and really enjoying it so far.

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                          The Most They Ever Had   by   Rick Bragg



                          I'd read service manuals if Rick Bragg wrote 'em.




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                            Just got through reading Feminista by Erica Kennedy. Now Im on to Party Girl by Anna David. Gonna read the Sookie Stackhouse Series Next!!

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                              I just finished Unlikely Disciple by Kevin Roose and started The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.


                              I saw Unlikely Disciple as a staff favorite on the B&N site.  It was a great non-fiction book which gives insight into the strength (and risks) of community in church and college.  I found it entertaining, inspiring and (at times) scary. 


                              I recommend this book.

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                                 We jsut received our Nooks yesterday.  I am reading Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs and Munchis reading HUsh Hush

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                                  I received my Nook on De4. 23rd and have read the new James Patterson book, Janet Evanovich "Finger Lickin Fifteen" and I'm currently reading an Alison Brennan book. I love it! I only have 28 books on my Nook but I'll be adding more before I go on vacation.

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                                    I am reading the Nick Seafort series by David Feintuch. Midshipmen's Hope is the first book in the series. Their are seven books in the series and only five of the seven books is in Ebooks. So far I have read all five books and have found some anomaly's in all five books.

                                    First, I found some sentences that were missing as I turned the Pages.

                                    Second, I found at the bottom page only the top half of the letters of a sentence were missing so as I could not decipher the sentence content.

                                    Third, some paragraphs were repeated on the next page.

                                    I hope this is a format issue and not a Nook issue?

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