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        I am reading Diana Gabaldon's "An Echo in the Bone" #7 in her outlander series.  I love her novels!

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          Reading Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom....a good, fast and easy read.  Enjoying this book, as it is not hard to follow.  My first e-book...the first of many more to come!

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            Right now I'm reading Patricia Briggs "Moon Called " and before this  read " Hunting Julian " By Jacquelyn Frank. " Gentleman prefer Succubus " by Jill Myles, " Shade of Midnight " by Lara Adrian, "Master of the Mountian " by Cherise Sinclair.....Love romance & Chick Lit. B&N needs to put out more romance ( complete series ) and continue to update their offerings. Oh, before I forget...when a new book comes out, have the ebook come out on the same day the print book comes. I found I have purchased a few print books thinking that B & N weren't going to offer them on line and a few weeks later, they are online:-(...looking for "Prime Mates" by Jennifer Ashley, but only on the print side for now ...please put this in ebook format and the 2nd in Jill myles series is in ebook but doesn't have a cover...whats up with that ?

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              Just finished The Girl Who Played With Fire (not to spoil things, but talk about stopping mid-scene...that's all I'll say).


              I started reading Her Fearful Symmetry this morning on my way to work.  I'd been hesitant to get it as I simply could not get through The Time Traveler's Wife, but apparently it's only when Niffenegger does the constant time jumps I can't follow her writing.  :smileyhappy:

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                I'm reading "Drood" is a very fun interesting story with Charles Dickens as one of the main characters. I was bummed that the first book I downloaded was 711 pages because I couldn't wait to buy a bunch of ebooks, but I'm finally down to the last hundred pages and can't wait to start my next one!!

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                  I am awaiting nook shipment, so I downloaded the BN eReader to my Blackberry to get used to reading on an electronic device.  I noticed that I got Dracula for free when I installed the reader, so I gave that a go.  Haven't read it since around high school, and I've been very pleased with the book as well as reading it electronically.  I'm a person who gets encouraged by making good, steady progress through a book.  Being able to turn pages so quickly is something that works well for me.  And having the book in my pocket at all times is fantastic...my wife can run into a store quickly, and I will stay in the car and get through a chapter of Dracula. 


                  In fact, I like the eReader software so much that I plan to keep using it on my Blackberry (and iPhone, when I get that) even after my nook arrives.

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                    Kresley Cole, Lisa Kleypas, and Christine Feehan.  I just wish they had more Christine Feehan books.  She's wrote like over 30 and all they have are like 15......oh well.

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                      ME TOO! Love Rick Bragg

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                        Right now I am reading Neverwhere by Gaiman.  I can get away with reading youth books, because I teach middle school... but I really like Gaiman, too.  His books are somewhat strange, but  I am an "out of the box" person, too, so I guess that's why I like him.  His books are "different."


                        I am contemplating the youth version of Three Cups of Tea and will probably buy it and download it while I am reading Neverwhere.  I believe I'm going to have my classes read it, but I need to read it first.  We DO have a classroom set of these books in our library.


                        Actually, by reading books my students read, I can talk with my students about what they are reading.  Many of them are surprised that I do this.  Are there other teachers who read with their students?  I would hope so.

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                          Just finished the sequel to the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo which is "The Girl Who Played With Fire."  Really enjoyed it.  I am saddened to know that the author brought three books to the publisher and died two weeks later.  I am not certain when the last book will be published.  I also just finished "People of the Book" which was very good and very informative.  I am currently reading Paris Vendetta by Silva.  I have read all his previous books and am really enjoying this one.


                          Read on!

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                            i'm ereading The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson. It's great! Brandon Sanderson is an awesome author! My only concern is that the third book in the series is not available as an ebook from bn yet.   :smileysad:

                            I hope it is by the time i finish this one cuz i really want to read it on my nook! I just love my nook!

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                              Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


                              It christened my last eReader, so it only seems right to let it do it again.


                              Also, a sample of You on a Diet. Which I'll probably buy as an ebook now rather than as a hardcover.

                              Also ready to go: plenty of classics, including the free ones included with the nook. I no longer have much of an excuse for avoiding Jane Austen.


                              In the wish list queue:


                              My Life in France 

                              Day Watch

                              Ender in Exile (Ender Wiggin Series #6) 

                              Grave Peril 


                              And more everyday...

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                                just finished my first ebook on my NOOK!!!!! i was suppper excited lol

                                Ideal Bride (Cynster Series) 












                                next one im  gonna be starting is

                                Truth about Love (Cynster Series) 


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                                  I am reading Arthur C Clarke's Venus Prime.

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                                    I decided to read something meaningful and timely, so I chose Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged". Almost 3500 pages in small font. Yeah, that should keep me busy for a while.

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