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    File Location


      I have a dual boot setup with 7.2.2-RC3-Kang on eMMc normal and 1.4.2.keep-CWM on eMMc alternate.

      This is by far the most satisfying iteration (of many) I have used on my original NC.

      However, I cannot for the life of me find the path to the folders where my Kindle and Nook books are kept for their respective apps on the Normal/7.2.0-RC3 side.

      I have used both the Root Explorer and File manager apps to no avail.

      The files for my 1.4.2 Nook books are clearly on the sdcard.

      In the eMMC sections I can examaine, both the Nook and Kindle folders are empty even though I clearly have books in both.

      Uploading to BN and then d/l to the app is not an option for several titles I want on the "apps" side.

      Thanks in advance.

      Also: Is there a 1.4.3-keep-CWM in the offing???

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          For any root-related or Cyanogenmod-related questions, you might have better luck on the XDA-Developer forum.

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              My NC is not rooted anymore, so i don't know if this will help.  My books are under:


              B&N Dowloads\Books


              If I remember correctly, this was also true when I dual-booted.  I did occasionally get confused as to which directory I was on, but you seem to know what you are looking at.






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                  Thanks, but "no prize"!
                  This is becoming a real mystery as finding th 1.4.2 titles on the sdcard is a "piece of cake".
                  I am starting to wonder that, when splitting the eMMc into two sections for my current setup, the "files" section isn't showing.

                  I do have this question up on "XDA" also.
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                  I have placed my kindle compatible books in the \kindle folder on the uSD card and the Kindle app finds them there.


                  Is this what you are looking for?