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    Nook WiFi Connection Issues & Verizon Actiontec Router

      After updating to the latest software and simultaneously changing my wireless provider to Verizon, I realized that my Nook no longer connected to wifi in my home. After searching various blogs and websites and finding no solution that worked, I called the B&N help desk (a frustrating experience as usual). Of course, without asking me what I tried already, I got told to do all of the inane things they are "supposed" to tell you - turn off the Nook and the Wi-Fi, turn them back on again, forget the network, reconnect and re-enter your password, reset the router blah blah blah. After telling the guy that I did ALL of this already and none of it worked, he told me to go to my nearest B&N and try to connect there. I told him I did & it worked just fine. While this ridiculousness went on (I was on the phone for 35 minutes), I decided to take one last look around cyber space to see if I could obtain some help for the issue that my 'qualified' customer support representative was unable to give me. Please note, this is not the first time that I've called B&N, been on the phone for ridiculous amounts of time, and still had to solve my own issue. And EUREKA! There it was: the solution to my issue. Since B&N does not let you set a static IP, the lease sometimes expires, rendering you unable to connect to the internet until you are issued a new IP address or the old one renews itself. In lay terms, this means that depending on your router settings, you may only be able to connect every so often - highly irritating. With the software update, it appears that that renewal sometimes does not happen at all, thereby leaving some of us unable to connect to the internet. The fix? Set a static IP address within your router! 


      1. Go to your router's IP address (you may have to call your cable provider to obtain this if you don't have it or simply connect through the computer wired to the router)


      2. Type in your user name and password


      3. Turn on your nook


      4. Click on your network within wireless settings and "Forget" the network


      5. Go back to the main settings page, go to Device Info, About Your Nook, and locate the Wi-Fi MAC address


      6. (This part is router specific but if you can figure out where this information is in your router, the steps should be the same) Go to Advanced --> IP Address Distribution


      7. Hit the button that says Connection List


      8. Look for your Nook's MAC address on your list. If it is there, press the Edit button (the notepad with the pencil) and click the box that says static IP.


      9. If it is not there, scroll to the bottom and hit New Static Connection. Enter a host name (no spaces), the IP address that you want to use (be sure that it's a valid address. Look at your other addresses on the connection list page to see one within the correct number range that is available), and that MAC address from your Nook.


      10. Hit apply, go back to your Nook's wireless settings, re-enter your password, and you should be good to go!!!


      Hope this helps!!!