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    Is there a way to bookmark pages in magazines?

      I'm trying to figure out how to bookmark certain pages in my magazines. I save stuff from print versions of my magazines but I'd love to go completely digital if only there was a way to bookmark. Also, I had the wifi off one week and I subscribe to EW. I didn't get that week's edition digitally - does anyone know how to get missing digitial editions of magazines? I would have thought it would automatically download once wifi was on but it did not.
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          Hi llbun,


          All you need to do to bookmark a page on any magazine is to tap the upper right corner of the page you are reading and voilà! Then, when you tap on the lower central part of any page, the "content" area will appear and it's there where you can see all the pages you have bookmarked.


          I hope this helps.



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            If by EW, you meant Entertainment Weekly, this "magazine" is actually an "app" (vs an "old-fashioned" magazine, with flippy pages.)  Unless the publisher has made enhancements to the app to allow you to bookmark, you are out of luck for bookmarking.  (All the app magazines that I have tried so far didn't allow for bookmarking; you had to start at the beginning each time.  But this feature may vary by magazine.)  The only way I can tell the difference is to go to the webpage and view what devices the magazine is available for.  (If it is only available for NC & NT, probably is an app.  If is also available for ipad, android, etc, then seem to be an "old-fashioned" magazine.)


            In either case, if you just want to save a page from a magazine, you can take a screen shot of it.  Go to the page you want, then hit the "n" button and the volume - (down) at the same time.  If you only want one part of the page (say a cartoon), you can get really carried away and crop it and everything.  Of course if you want to back it up, you do need to get it copied over to your pc or something.


            Re: not getting your weekly edition.  Have no idea.  Send Alex a PM and ask him to help you out.


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              I want this too. Seems every time I so something else for a while, getting back to where I was in the magazine is a huge frustration. I get both Time and Entertainment Weekly and think they're both hard to navigate. It's hard to tell if you've seen all the content and it's hard to get back where you last read, if you start over from the beginning.