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    About ready to call it quits!

      I had this trouble a couple of weeks ago...Now it's back! If I type in paranormal romance or vampire romance, which my books are listed under...and release date...NONE of my books come up.


      NO WONDER I HAVE NO SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!


      They were selling. I am tired, tired, tired of fighting this! I have gone back and checked and rechecked to make sure I did my part -- list my books appropiately...I have emailed Pubit countless times...Which they stopped replying to my emails!!!!!!! Books came up a while back for a little while...but the minute I stopped worrying about it...All sales stopped...and now I know why...They're not listed anymore! This is not fair! And I sympathize with anyone else who has the same problem....If my books don't start showing in the next two days...or if I don't hear from Pubit...gonna just delete the whole darn thing!!!!!!!! At least other online stores respond and correct things...