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    Nook glow frozen-help?


      I've been lurking on here since the glow was announced and posted a couple times (although I lost my screenname). I have found the boards pretty helpful, so hoping anybody has some advice.  I got my nook glow shortly after they came out. I love it, but last week it froze while I was in a book reading.  Wouldn't do anything when I touched the screen, but I was able to exit out using buttons. It happened a few times and then was ok.


      Well, tonight I went to wake up my nook, and it's frozen on the screensaver.  I think I last read on it Friday night and it was fine.  I have tried the power button, and that does nothing either. I tried plugging it in thinking that might wake it up and it didn't. I figured at the very least plugging it into the computer would wake it up, and it doesn't. I've tried plugging in to 2 different computers and it doesn't even recognize that something is plugged in.


      Any advice?  I am sure I'll need to get it replaced at this point (even if I can get it working, I don't trust it anymore!) but would like to just have it working somewhat while I wait.


      What's the best way to go with customer service? Call or instore?  I looked and 1 of our stores supposedly has them in stock. Would they just give me a new one if I go in with it not working?  I ordered online through barnes and noble if that makes any difference.



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          Hi, I'm Tera. I just got my NST with glowlight today. I did a trade in program with my 1st edition nook which knocked off the price a bit. It would probably be better for you to actually call first before arriving at a Barnes & Noble store bc I'm not sure if there is much they can do for you. Did you buy a protection plan for an additional charge when you purchased your nook? I know that if you buy one of those they will automatically replace it for you. Worse case scenario you would probably have to send it in to be repaired which would leave you without a nook. But if I'm not mistaking the plan should cover you to get a brand new one. I declined getting the plan however. As far as trying to fix it yourself, there is some kind of way you can reset your device back to out of box settings if it acts funny. However, I am not too sure how to do that seeing as how I'm still learning how to use mine at the moment. Resetting it may have to come directly by going into the settings onto your device but if you aren't able to do that you should be able to find an article or video somewhere explaining how to do it...just go online. Hope this helps!!!!!!



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            I found a post actually on Facebook saying to hold the two buttons (Power & N button) down for 20 sections. This rebooted it. Much better than tossing it out!

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              I guess these days there isn't much that doesn't freeze up on ocassion. My NGL also froze up today just sitting in my bag but I was able to reset it. I guess I can live with it so long as it doesn't become a habit. I'm not sure I own any technology device that hasn't froze up at one point or another.  Still love it though.

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                  Mine has frozen three times so far. It finally unfroze itself except for last time. I took it to B&N and they said to unregisterit and that should take care of it. I like your trick of holding both buttons down, thanks. I said it is a new item and maybe defective and would like it replaced. She said she didn't have any preowned yet. I said I don't want a preowned and showed her my receipt. Then she remembered me purchasing it the first day they came out and she was surprised I even knew about it. So she said that I probably know that I can get a new one within 30 days. Yep! So I got a new one and guess I will have to wait and see. So glad I hadn't applied my decal girl skin yet! So. You might want to return it before 30 days if it continues.
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                  I was having problems with my new Glowlight and took it back to the store where i bought it and they were extremely nice about it.  I had the receipt and they replaced it and gave me a new receipt.  I am getting ready to take my fourth one back since it started acting up.  Be sure and keep your receipts and return the Glowlight as soon as you start having trouble with them!  I keep hoping they will find what is causing the problems and fix it.