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    coding for full page images on the Nook Touch

      I keep hearing that the coding I use for inserting full page images into my epubs for my Kindle Fire will work on my Nook Touch. But alas...the bottom of the image is cut off on the Nook. I have tried numerous pixel sizes, inline css code, several different html attribute sizing to no avail. I checked some functioning epub files that look fine on the Nook and tried substituting the code and using my images but still the same result. My epubs look great on the Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch and the I-pad. I make them on Word and then throw them into Sigil to finish up. Can someone tell me what I am missing?

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          Hate to reply to my own post but I couldn't figure out how to edit it. I meant to say Nook Color, not Nook Touch.

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              Word 2007 and 2010, save as. Word 97-2003. Don't use Sigil at all for images. I have pictures and text. I inserted a page with text, did a page break and the next page an image, again a page break before the next page. I saved the images as JPEG. You can open an image in MS Paint and save as JPEG. Insert the image into Word and it will be the right page size and you shouldn't have any problem with NC. Any extra code fouls things up. The format for Kindle FIre is different than other ereaders, You aren't screwing up, it is very confusing. I do hope I've somehow helped. Keep asking questions and someone will be along to answer. Formatting for ereaders is eye of newt, wing of bat.