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    Nook Color Fixed Format ePub



      I work for a small children's book publishing company and as of last year we have had reflowable ePubs up for sale through the Nook store. We only do picture books and while we are happy to finally have our titles available on e-readers, having the book in a reflowable format makes it look much different from it's print counterpart (mostly due to the text having to be seperated from the images.) We've been looking at ways to improve the display and have stumbled upon fixed format ePubs. I just figured out how to code a fixed format file for the iPad and I was wondering if the same was possible for the Nook. 


      I've been doing some research and found that magazine files on the Nook are called DRP's which are fixed files that support "pinch zoom" functionality. I've managed to get my hands on a source file but unfortunatley, since digital magazines have so many components and I'm a VERY amateur coder at best, I cant figure the thing out.


      I was wonderng if anybody knew of any links to a guide or a source file that would help teach me how to create these....Or if you know of anyone that can do this for a reasonable cost or how to get into NookKids I would be eternally grateful.


      You can find the source file "COSMO-20101001_drp.epub" that I've been playing around with here...it's an issue of cosmo... : http://code.google.com/p/epub-revision/downloads/list


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          I have a kid book with text and pictures. I made a Word document and saved as .doc. I had no fancy anything and used page break between the text and pictures. Some need to use section break. The Nook preview was something to see. Everything came out the right way. It was my first time uploading an ebook. Simple methods usually work well. I also used the same document to upload at Kindle. It worked. I do have a PDF version that I converted with a free online application and the text is at the top of the page and the pictures are what they were before. I did that for my blog so that the book could be downloaded and printed out. I have no idea if any if any of my garble helps.
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            What you are talking about is essentially nook kids. They have a special way of designing for that and you need to be approved with them to do so. Involves an NDA and distribution agreement to get into the nook kids channel. It is aimed at exactly what you want, a fixed layout title, you can include narration with the eBook as well. 


            Hope that helps, they don't let a lot of people in, I have access and I know of about maybe a dozen others that do, that includes the big 6 pubs that have access. They keep it pretty closed up.