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    Notes and highlights gone crazy!

      After finding too many metadata errors in my ebook I felt almost cheated after spending good money for a not so perfect book. I decided to do something about it to make myself feel better. I started making notes every time I found a error. Nothing wrong there. However my notes have gone mad. There is one note that won't delete. When I try to delete it other notes disappears. This note then follows me from page to page. I spent a whole train ride doing full power offs, yet it still happens. They are the notes from hell. If I had an open window who knows what would have happened. Is there something that can be Done? I think my next step would be to write the notes on paper (A novel idea for a eBook) and try to clear all my notes. I feel very Frustrated!
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          • That happened to us too!  A couple weeks ago, was playing around w/ notes and highlights when it happened.  Don't know how we got rid of it.  Just kept creating / deleting highlights and notes on that same text area, and at some point we were able to select it and delete it.

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            The same thing happened to me.  It must be a bug.  I had a heck of a time gettting rid of it.

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              UPDATE: I had to copy what ever notes survived to paper, clear all the notes, and them re-add them. I hope that they fix this bug with the next update. The problems with my PDF's and now this in enough to make me pull what little hair I have left out!

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                Uncontrollable flipping through highlights and definitions has been happening to me at odd intervals while using the NOOKcoler to read B&N-formatted books. Thought at first it was just the one book, but has been happening with a second book as well.

                Recycling stops it for about an hour, but I don't want to have to keep doing this. Wish I could just turn the function off!

                Haven't contacted customer support yet.

                I love reading with the device, but the operating system is very crude and inflexible! I am thinking of returning the device and waiting for the ipad2...

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                  I had this happen on a sideloaded ePub in which I was adding more than six notes on a single page (a programming text that I'd converted from PDF using Calibre). One of the note images got stuck on screen and not only stayed on subsequent pages on the same book but remained as a visual artifact after opening other books in the reader.


                  Unfortunately, I had to delete all notes from the book and reboot the NC.


                  Hopefully the next reader update will allow individual deletion of notes. "All or none" is a ridiculous way to keep and delete marginalia.