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      I can't seem to find an arrows to move the cursor on the Nook pop-up keyboard, which makes it dificult to write or make corrections. Am I just not seeing it?

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          You can tap in the txt box to relocate the cursor anywhere in the sentence. Trbl I have is that I can't see my cursor. I just tap where I want then hit bkspace to see where it is. Not easy to get it exact. I may have to delete and retype a few extra letters but it beats clearing a whole sentence. FTR... accuracy is a Touch issue not a nookcolor problem. The unseen curser is an issue with this site. Curser works fine in the other sites I visit. Hope this helps
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            You can see the Cursor? I would love to be able to see the cursor. Would also love to be able to see start or end points of text selections. And wouldn't it be something to be able to cut, copy, paste or position the cursor in the address bar. Or to do that inr a form field without guessing and making multiple Attempts? Wouldn't be bad to be able type a ? after word without it capitalizing the word for you. Will these be in the next Update? When will the next update come Out?
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              I would love an answer to this question as well.  Seeing a correction that is needed in a certain point of my paragraph that I've typed, it's very difficult to get your finger into the exact spot. 


              Are there no back and forward (left and right) arrows that we could use for navigation within the keyboard?  I can see the cursor wherever I touch on the screen, but this is pain staking and laborous.  If there is "no room" on the current keyboard, even if B&N added it in the future updates to be within the "numbers" section of the keyboard, at least we would have an option.