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    Failing USB charging cable

      About 6 months into owning my NOOK color the original charging cable is failing, with the cable jacket separating from the connector. Now that joint is super loosy-goosey, I can see the insulation exposed, and I'm just waiting for it to break at which point I will have to cough up the dough for a new proprietary charging cable. Does anyone else have experience with the cable breaking, and is this covered under the device warranty? Sure feels like it should be.

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          Mine stopped charging after about a month and I took to the nearest B&N and they replaced it, no questions asked.  I also just bought, a cheap, standard microUSB cable (about $6 I think) and use that most of the time to charge it, if I'm not in a hurry.  It will recharge the NC, just not as fast as the proprietary cable.  It is also much easier to plug into the NC.

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            Got my NC in the first round last year. My charging cable didn't actually split. When I was on vaction in July I could no longer get my NC to charge. I would plug it in but instead of the 'charging' message it would display 'not charging'. There isn't a B&N near us when we are on vacation. I turned my NC off and brought it home took it into my local store and they tried their cable, decided my cord was defective and gave me a new one. Still working great. Good luck.