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    Is anyone excited about the Week 5 coupon promotion book?


      After four weeks of very popular novels, the final week of the free e-book coupon promotion is for a non-fiction book about how the Internet affects marketing:


      The Long Tail, Revised and Updated Edition


      The novels that were offered were as much as 12 years old (for The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency), but they seem to have held their value.


      This book is only four years old, with an update two years ago. That makes it newer than any of the 'coupon' novels except Home Safe, but personally I feel like it's very much 'old news' to anyone who has any interest in the subject. There's only 1 review and only 9 ratings for this book/e-book on the B&N site in the two years that the revised version's been out… and only 3 reviews and 5 ratings in the four years that the original title's been out.


      So I'm curious: is there much interest in this one?